We live in a miraculous age. We stand on the brink of medical advancements, scientific discoveries, and completely new industries that will impact how our humanity lives in the new millennium.

The internet has opened up ways of researching and communicating that were unthinkable just decades ago.

And in the midst of all this potential brilliance, in October George Soros announced is donating $18 BILLION to his Open Society Foundations.

One might shudder. Some may cower. Others may sigh with resignation over the pile of societal corruption that may engulf us.

Still others will call for RICO (moi aussie!), or for messiah Trump to save us.

But hang on: old George is how old? And how wrong is he about what makes society progress?

The answer: VERY old and VERY wrong. And because of that, we may have different options.

What Would You Do with Soros’ Billions?

Instead of dreaming about our government seizing those assets, before we plot another Entrapment movie in our heads about stealing so much money, let’s consider a more persuasive strategy:

Food for thought.


What if you had almost UNLIMITED funds to do ANYTHING you desired for our world?

Well, that’s where we are today. For those who have not already heard and rejoiced, Hungarian Billionaire George Soros is donating 18 BILLION DOLLARS to his Open Society organizations, with a stated aim of advancing justice, education, public health and independent media.

And for all that, we should say — FINALLY!

Finally — Money to expand education and micro-loans in Africa.  Money to develop an honest press, money to draw the continent’s Poorest-of –the-poor out of superstition and ignorance, money to help to change dictatorial 3rd world governments into open, democratic states.  Imagine African nations joining our 1st World prosperity, as they draw from their rich soil food for their hungry and resources for industry.


Finally, money to massively fund cancer and Alzheimer’s research. Imagine these Open Society organizations using their influence to create an open dialog among medical researchers, doctors and patients the world over —  to accelerate research.  To test new serums. To connect patients with experimental treatments.  Imagine our chance to lift the standard of health for all peoples. And these cures would be shared openly, free of charge to heal millions suffering from these cruel diseases.

Or More likely, his organizations will fund the same selfish, money-grubbing socialist progressive judges and corruptocrats in the US – along with hordes of hooded imbeciles – Antifa, Black Lives Matter Occupy and others – in some vain attempt  to overthrow elections they would never win otherwise, so they can enshine the kind of absurd, prosperity-destroying legislation that made Ferguson, Detroit and Chicago the garbage dumps of violence and unrest that they are.

I mean, come on, Darth Soros, You’re a former Nazi collaborator, currency manipulator that made your fortune crashing the British pound, and for all those years selling your soul as a vampire capitalist,

If you’re not going to do anything worthwhile, at least use the money for something everyone really wants: A death star! With friggin’ lasers on top. I mean really, throw us a bone here.

So what would you do with almost unlimited funds in our modern world?

Contact George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and tell them where you think the money should go.

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How Would You Spend Soros’ Billion Dollar Donation?
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