This week Harvey Weinstein delivered a stunning confession to  Page 6. No, it’s not about sexual harassment, and repulsive behavior in front of Hollywood stars and journalists. It’s not even about being fired from his own company.

Weinstein’s Confession

In case you missed the point, the confession involves:

“The Times had a deal with us that they would tell us about the people they had on the record in the story, so we could respond appropriately, but they didn’t live up to the bargain… [They] went ahead and posted the story filled with reckless reporting, and without checking all they had with me and my team.”

Harvey Weinstein with Hillary ClintonSo, let’s unpack that. A high profile, very influential Democrat, a Bill and Hillary Clinton donor who is using his power and movie company to destroy Trump, has just confessed that he has a standing deal with presumably multiple media sources, an arrangement where he can:

  • Employ a [movie marketing] team to refute the allegations
  • Pay off reporters before they go to press
  • Use star power to vouch for him (Matt Damon, Russell Crowe)
  • Apply pressure to journalists to bury stories

In other words, he’s suing the Times for $50M because they printed ACCURATE, damaging truths, circumventing his usual story-squashing process.

This deal is what true corruption looks like.

What does this mean for the Progressive Media?

For context, remember that this same progressive media that spent six months pushing a Russian conspiracy LIE with no evidence, who arrogantly claims (cough, George Stephanopoulos) “There’s no smoking gun” for every new Clinton scandal (Bill or Hillary), and that claims they’re “Speaking truth to power” and “Holding their feet to the fire.”

They are shameless, partisan whores with no credibility.  This deal puts news in the entertainment industry.

How Far does this Corruption Go?

Obviously, Hollywood is a cesspool of deviants. We’ve known this for ages. In the 1950s Marilyn Monroe talked of  Hollywood as an overcrowded brothel of studio casting couches. We ignored the “Corey’s” tales of child molestation for years before Cory Haim committed suicide.

Now A-listers are sacrificing Harvey, and we already they wouldn’t be doing it now if it wasn’t for his declining power.

In other words, there’s no telling how far the corruption goes.

This is how Hillary Clinton receives presidential debate questions in advance.

This is how Bill Clinton avoids an unknown number of sex scandals.

All the way down may not be far enough.

And worse, this kind of media collusion gives a certain credibility to the incredible, like  pizza-gate stories.  Could the damning evidence actually exist in Harvey’s offshore files? Could this explain all of those Clinton researchers “committing suicide” before completing their exposés?

Who can say?

All that remains for citizen journalists of the new media, is not to manufacture news. We’re not part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”  We just need to discover the linchpin, that silenced, long-suffering and discarded acolyte with nothing left to lose, who finally decides to brings the whole leftist political machine by simply uttering the truth.

Weinstein Confession Proves Democrat Corruption