Has this been floating around your Facebook:


Well allow me to retort:

Trump did NOT mock a disabled person. He does that flail thing for many people.

I’m offended that you think a person who wants to reform immigration and rightly says some Mexicans are criminals are “racist.” No, we law-abiders see foreign nationals flouting our laws. YOU are racist. You’re the ones who elected an unqualified jerk twice because he was black.

Trump didn’t advocate war crimes but you kept your mouth shut while Obama droned innocent Pakistanis and allowed ISIS to take over the Middle East and start a Christian genocide. Trump hasn’t done anything yet.

We don’t care what Trump thinks about women because your candidate tried to destroy the lives of her rapist husband’s victims. Screw you; you don’t get to claim to be on the side of women. Trump ran a beauty pageant. There’s NO comparison.

Trump didn’t bully the families of those killed in Benghazi or jail some poor filmmaker to cover this corrupt regime’s mistakes. I won’t forget that, as I won’t forget Clinton stealing charity from the mouths of Haitian children, or selling uranium to the Russians, or selling state favors for money to the Clinton foundation or jeopardizing national security by storing state business on an unsecured server, and then violating federal law by not turning it over. This makes that Harpy Felon not only unfit to be POTUS but it disqualifies her based on a law she signed as senator.

Finally, I don’t care about your disgust because you stood by while Obama weaponized govt agencies and the media to attack conservatives and others who disagreed with this hateful divisive regime for the last 8 years. Your evil, petulant acceptance of all this CAUSED Trump to rise. He is America’s response to your entitled, whiny, ignorant, slavish following of these anti-constitutional statists and no, we’re not finished with you yet.

Please stand by.

Disgusted voters voted for Trump?