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Define: Hate

Verb / Noun: Leftist idiom for controlling the public discourse

Definition of "Hate"

Examples of "Hate" include:

Notes on "Hate"

How simple-minded do leftists (Democrats, socialists, and their ilk) have to be to reduce all of their opposition’s arguments to a single word?  Some may call that economy, but for most, it shows a lack of education. Or willful ignorance.

One of the points made in Orwell’s 1984 was that a totalitarian society could remove a population’s understanding of concepts by removing the words to describe them. For example, defining “slavery” as “freedom” meant that the people would learn to associate the two and so, would never seek freedom outside of their slavery.

The same can be said for “hate.” If you can successfully redefine anything you dislike as “hate,” you can defeat, or at least, dismiss it without a fight. After all, why would you listen to anyone driven by some irrational, atavistic emotion rather than reason, experience and reflection? Why argue with cavemen and Republicans, leftists say.

And why would these degenerates hold onto their arguments if they are indeed driven by hate?

Would that it were so simple. Playing the hate card may work on social media but it doesn’t work in society because it’s not true. People are forced to make choices, to prioritize certain values and policies above others. What makes America’s political system exceptional is our belief that We the People get to decide, get to argue it out. We don’t have to accept some king or Stalinist decision from on high.

We certainly don’t have to accept a leftist’s “hate” when they can’t even determine what’s best for themselves!

Arguing "Love is Love" When They Just Hate Marriage

The case of Obergefell v. Hodges forced SCOTUS to declare that all 50 states must perform and recognize the marriages of same-sex couples on the same terms and conditions as the marriages of opposite-sex couples, with all the accompanying rights and responsibilities.

Sounds reasonable, except for the fact that it violates federalism, the morality of every major religion, and EVERY society’s concept of marriage since the dawn of recorded time (AKA. Hate.)

"Love is NOT love"

“Love is love” sounds like a compelling argument until you recognize it as an absurd slogan that reduces the complexity of our most powerful emotions and all its variations — as well as many societal considerations — into one Orwellian redefinition.  But where our versatile English language fails, other languages prevail.  According to the Greek, one of the languages that make up our Bible, “love” is divided among:

There may be other variations, but these are the primary “loves,” to which “Love is love” pretends to cover.  It requires us to believe that their eros is as good as agape and should be treated as such.

What’s the harm, you say?  Well, that’s a better response than “No more hate” but it obscures many great and well seasoned opinions, including: the federal government doesn’t have the right to redefine what it didn’t create!

At least the federalist system allows each state to make up its own mind. This is the typical libertarian view. But this view didn’t work out for slavery. We needed a single definition of and policy about slavery for our nation, something that ALL states agreed upon, or the union would not survive.

Leftists wanted to remove the citizen’s right to choose over abortion and homosexual marriage. In fact, they want everything they like dictated from on high and your “love” or “hate” opinions be damned. The flaw there was that unlike slavery, there was no Constitutional provision for murdering your unborn children or redefining one of society’s foundational institutions.

You see, marriage exists in EVERY culture on the planet as a means of curbing a man’s desire to spread his seed. It’s purpose is to provide security for women and legitimacy for children. The reasons and ramifications take too long to express here, but it’s clear to say that “gay marriage” does neither.

Homosexuality is also a sinful act in every religion. “Love the sinner; hate the sin” is a Christian slogan that predates “love is love” but by the leftist rule, there’s no distinction. You either hate the homosexual or love the sin without exception.

THAT is why there’s opposition to gay marriage. Not “hate.” Most people don’t want to harm gays (as they’re hung from cranes in Islamic dictatorships), but we’re left with no distinction if “hate” has its way.

Even while most Americans (sin-hating Christians included) favor “domestic partnerships,” which don’t sully the name and struggling reputation of marriage, gay advocates are happy to force their way and/or destroy marriage as an institution (aka. hate).

The Politics of Hate

The other example is more encompassing, and easier to refute. Trump was not racist, nor Xenophobic, nor hate-filled. He just loved his country, its people, and its laws and institutions more than the left’s politics of division (aka. hate).

Trump Rally

How to Respond to Typical Trump Objections

Why don’t you like Donald Trump? He used to be popular. Sure he was brash, even arrogant, but well liked. The political left thought he was one of them for decades....

“Hate” is simply a wedge used by Democrats and Socialists to stop the public discourse and demand conformity to leftism.

Hell no.

We love our country far too much to allow that.  We love our Constitution, which ultimately ended slavery and made all men equal before the law. We love our country with its resources, blessed by God.  We love our society, our “out of many, one” history, despite all the downs, the struggles, that in some ways have made us stronger. We love its citizens with their boundless creativity, variety, and will to pursue happiness and virtue.  We love its legal immigrants who recognize that we must preserve this “city on the hill” that is a force for good around the world.

It must NEVER be changed to appease the radicals who want us less safe, less prosperous, less free.

In short, we love our country so much that it looks like hate to those who oppose it. 

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