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How to Respond to Typical Trump Objections

Besides the usual 1-finger salute giggles and mockery TDS straight-jacket

Why don’t you like Donald Trump? He used to be popular. Sure he was brash, even arrogant, but well liked. The political left thought he was one of them for decades. Rappers rapped about him. DNC candidates asked him for support, monetary and otherwise.

But somewhere along the line…

Oh yeah, when he came down the escalator announcing his bid for President as a Republican, suddenly he became a pariah.

Well, most of his offenses are easily explained. Here’s some of the ongoing list:

Trump Is Divisive

The argument goes that we need unity in the country and Trump divides us.

What a load of excrement. Unity is a value, like power is a value, but achieving either one without virtue is meaningless. Hitler’s Germany had unity. Obama’s America was divided (and leftists didn’t care. They were in power, so get stuffed).

Biden cannot unite the country, just as Obama couldn’t by gaslighting half the population.

The truth is, leftists disagree with Trump on policy. Leftists are wrong. If you call that divisive and Trump’s fault, so be it. But it’s YOUR problem, not his.

Trump is Against Diversity

Trump Loves America

By diversity, the Left means immigration. Trump doesn’t like foreigners, they say.

First, diversity has no inherent value. It’s also meaningless to Leftists. For example, they don’t value ideological diversity in education. They’ll boycott, demonstrate and even riot against Ben Shapiro speaking on campus, so spare me the diversity angle. This argument is about immigration.

The truth is, Leftists want open borders so they can use votes to steal power from Americans. When labor leader Cesar Chavez complained about illegals taking jobs from poor Americans, he became a DNC poster boy. What changed?

Conservatives reject open immigration because the current system fails to integrate. We don’t want enclaves of transplants pushing anti-American values in some different language. That’s no way to sustain a country.

Trump Lies All the Time, Even When He Doesn't Have to

Well, that depends, doesn’t it?  It depends on who you believe.

We know that Trump is part carnival barker, part stand-up comic… And part destroyer of the mendacious media and leftism. So when he says something to the press, is it “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me, God,” or mere inflation for any number of reasons, hyperbole for entertainment, or a well deserved snipe-hunt for TDS journalists?

Flagging Trump for lying is like faulting a boxer for violence in the middle of a prize fight.  This hostile media machine spins even the most benign statement into a scandal so how much truth do you think they deserve?  You don’t believe they’re held to perjury-level honesty in reporting, do you?

If Trump able to solve more problems for the American people, (to paraphrase that gaslighting Killery Clinton) what difference does it make what he tells the media?

As you recall, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to congress, but the media spun that as puritanical Republicans attacked him for getting a blowjob in the Oval Office.

Now the media fact-checks Trump’s off-hand comments like he’s under oath!

At worst, while Trump has ALWAYS repudiated white supremacy, the media openly broadcast that he does, and everything his says is a “dog whisper” to his racist base!

Meanwhile, mountains of no evidence support the fact that Trump did not collude with Russia, but the media spun that yarn for over 3 years.

So no, I will not hold Trump accountable for lying to the press. The press serve a leftist narrative that suppresses real news stories (Epstein, Vegas shooting, Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc), fabricates what it can’t prove (“if true, this could be devastating for Trump”), marginalizes more credible but opposing sources (“the widely discredited Project Veritas”), and rewrites random tweets as “worse than Watergate,” so spare me the indignation.

Trump Puts Children in Cages

No, Obama built cages and lured children into them with absurd ideas like “everyone’s a dreamer” and “everyone deserves to be American.”

Trump encouraged LEGAL immigration, and took children away from “Coyotes”: criminals who transport, rape, and even murder those seeking a better life by illegally entering the country.

The immigration argument is too complex for this setting, but basically, those who can’t claim US citizenship can’t simply break in and remain.  How would it be if some stranger broke into your house and announced himself as your new dependent and demanded part of the family inheritance?

Yeah, doesn’t work for countries either.

Trump Degrades Women

Name one thing Trump did in the last four years.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

While I’m waiting, remember, if he did anything, we’d know about it. Every day on the cover of every newspaper, and the leads story of every newscast.  You got nothing.

Unlike Clinton and Biden and other democrats, Trump doesn’t have a grope and rape women. Yes, he cheated on his multiple wives and slept with pornstars. All his dalliances were voluntary interactions.

And for him, they were in the past. Men can change — even orange-man-bad men.  You’re not owed a personal apology.

So what has he done to you lately?

How could Christians support Trump?

I mean, how can Christians support anyone who commits adultery with a porn star? Or just lies lies lies all the time even when he doesn’t have to, right?

Answer:  Trump’s the president, not my pastor. His sins are God’s problem.

Trump at St. John's ChurchYou see, politically, we learned to separate character from job description.

Where’d we learn that? From progressives!

Back in 1994, we got our ears blown back when feminist Nina Burleigh said all women should be willing to kneel before Clinton for keeping abortion legal. (I’m assuming that hasn’t aged well.)

In other words, one political party is willing to totally ignore and even cover up for monsters so long as they achieve their desired political outcomes. Forget  planks, they attack others mercilessly over specs of hypocrisy, or over nothing at all.

We watched this played out as Democrats destroyed decent men like Mitt Romney and Brett Kavanaugh. Along with Nicholas Sandman, Kyle Rittenhouse, and countless other patriots trying to live free.

If Trump were a Democrat, Democrats would cover up every porn-star affair, every scandal, malfeasance, and offensive act. We know this because of Clinton, JFK, LBJ, Ted Kennedy, Robert Bryd, Charlie Rangel, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and countless others including, yes, Joe Biden.

Still offended that Christians embrace Trump despite his faults? As the Bard said, “The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.” (Merchant of Venice, IIIi)  In other words, Democrats: Get. Stuffed.

Do you honestly believe Christians should vote for Democrats to renounce Trump? Really?  What case of terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome would cause Christians to vote for a party that rejects religion, free speech, the family, and traditional values, murders babies, euthanizes the elderly, sexualizes children, claims biological sex is fluid but sexual attraction is immutable, allows boys dressed as girls to compete in girl sports, lets perverts into women’s bathrooms and prosecutes fathers for defending their daughter’s honor, calls words they don’t like “violence” while calling their physical violence and rioting “legitimate protest,” and demands Christians perform services that defy their conscience while protecting blatant immorality and corruption? The DNC openly harassed and punished churches and synagogues for meeting during COVID.  You want the faithful to support these villains?

Meanwhile, Trump is Pro-Life.  For evangelicals, that’s enough, but Trump also supports religious expression, personal conscience, freedom of speech and assembly (brave concepts, eh?), and equality for all. He supports Israel, fights for the common citizen against DC elitists, and actively pursues and prosecutes sex traffickers.

Consider Luke 9: 49-50: “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in Your name, and we tried to stop him, because he does not accompany us.” 

“Do not stop him,” Jesus replied, for whoever is not against you is for you.”

The only reason some want Christians to reject Trump is that he’s effective at fighting the political left. That is one unassailable reason for Christians to support him.

Trump is a Nazi or Trump is "literally Hitler"

Really? Based on what? Oh, you may want to start by defining what a Nazi is. Be careful not to sound like Antifa when you do.

If you mean that Trump is a nationalist, that he believes in the nation-state, or that he’s patriotic and believes in America, then so what? So is EVERY leader of EVERY country on the planet. That doesn’t make him a Nazi. It means you violated Godwin’s Law, and have lost the argument. Sorry.

Trump’s actions as the President have been completely rational and in within the bounds of his office. Obama’s mountain of executive orders, on the other hand, WERE a violation of his office, especially in regards to DACA. For some reason, no one called Obama “literally Hitler.” (FYI, look up the word “literally.” I don’t think it means what you think it means.)

If you think Trump is Hitler because he put children in cages… (see Trump puts children in cages)

Trump Is a Racist

Worst racist I ever saw. Trump has done more to benefit the black community than any other POTUS since Lincoln.

Just ask Candace Owens, who founded the #blexit movement to get black Americans to abandon the leftist plantation for MAGA prosperity.

Or ask Larry Elder. Or the Hodge Twins. Dimond & Silk. Ben Carson.  The list goes on.

Blacks Love Trump

Trump Supports White Supremacy

No he doesn’t.

No, seriously, stop arguing and go look up his actual comments after the Charlottesville, Va., violence in 2017. He said there were good people on both sides of the debate on whether to tear down confederate statues… “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists,” said Trump, “Because they should be condemned totally.”

Don’t take my word for it, look it up. CNN lied to you. Again. We’ve been over this a thousand times. Get it right.

Also, watch this supercut of Trump condemning white supremacy:

Trump didn’t do enough on COVID

Actually, Trump did more than he should have. And he did it sooner than ANY Democrat would have.

For a virus with a 99.7%+ survival rate, shutting down the country was extreme. But Trump did it, while Pelosi was still encouraging people to party in Chinatown and Biden called Trump xenophobic and racist (big words for a basement-dweller).

Trump shut ports and foreign travel, mobilized the military with hospital ships, and partnered with a variety of manufacturers to develop masks and ventilators. Remember now?

Then Trump’s Operation Warp Speed expedited the development and distribution of vaccines.

His response is nothing short of remarkable. And he did it while under media hostile media coverage in an election year!

Besides altering the fabric of time and space, what else could he have done that wasn’t done?

Anything Else?

If you have Trump issues I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll update the list.

Most anti-Trump arguments are easily defeated with a simple Google search. Chances are, you’ll discover the media lied to you, as they frequently do.

Some with a few moments of reflection on the context of the issue. Some are time capsules and have a completely different meaning now. Let me know if you have questions.

And look, I’m not saying you have to like Trump. But if you’re gonna hate on him, at least do it for the right reasons. Whatever those are.