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Voting Against (your) Self-Interest?

False idiom of uncritical conformity

Definition of "Voting Against (your) self-interest"

Examples of "Voting Against (your) self-interest" include:

What is Voting Against Your Own Self-Interest?

These and other examples express a deep-seated tacit assumption that voting for Leftists is somehow beneficial. This faulty logic traps many citizens and their communities in a perpetual cycle of Democrat politicians and policies that while promising to make society fair, do nothing but enrich radical leftist cronies and special interests.

The “voting against your self interest” idiom is an atavistic phrase that best expresses itself in a famous sociology experiment where several monkeys are placed in an enclosed space with bananas suspended from the ceiling. When the first monkeys stretch up to grab the bananas, they are punished severely. Gradually, when new monkeys are introduced into the enclosure, the first monkeys punish them for reaching for bananas. Eventually, without ever knowing why, all the monkeys refuse to reach for the fruit, utterly convinced it is detrimental or evil to do so.

Self-Interest = Leftist Power

There is no reason to vote for Democrats unless you want them clinging to power. If they can convince citizens that opposing them is “against their own self-interest,” they will continue to vote Democrat. It does not matter that for the last 50 years, DNC policies have relegated millions of citizens to ghettos and incentivized violence, illegitimacy, laziness,  lousy schools, drug abuse and an economy that steals our future.

Regardless of what “self-interest” Democrats promise, typically the results are trinkets, such as Obama phones, inner city abortion clinics, midnight basketball, and early release for violent felons. The true “self” in “self-interest” refers to the Democrat politician, who benefits from graft, his unspent reelection campaign funds, and the adulation of his ignorant constituencies, who must continually blame Republicans for never achieving their own self-interest.

The result is systemic stagnation and debt, inner-city violence, bad schools and lack of school choice, rampant corruption and crumbling infrastructure for many American cities — ALL run by Democrats: NYC, Ferguson, Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc

Act in Your Own Self-Interest: Stop Voting for Democrats

Just as in the monkey experiment, those who discover the truth and vote for Republicans are punished. They are mocked as “traitors” to their race or sex, and dismissed as too ignorant to recognize their own “voice” and “self-interest.”

But if citizens want more job opportunities, better schools, safer streets and a more equitable justice system, NEVER vote for a Democrat or Socialist policy. The ONLY way out of the dead-end life these philosophies ultimately provide is to vote for a Republican with capitalistic ideas.

Forget the gross hyperbole of Republicans as cigar-sucking, ascot-wearing white guys (Scrooge McDucks) in leather chairs, burning hundred-dollar bills while mocking poor children for being hungry. Those Tammany Hall huckster personas actually belong with the Democrat party. Most Republican voters are hard-working citizens of all races, some small business owners, many of whom eventually move out of DNC-run communities for ones that promote better schools and school choice, safe streets, and honest govenment. Yes, they believe in welfare reform and effective policing. That’s how to foster a better culture.

Seriously, if you’re part of the human race and still voting Democrat, stop. Stop embarrassing yourself. You are truly voting against your own self-interest.

The Tyranny of Leftist Low Expectations

One stand-up comic said, “I can’t wait until I can afford to become a Republican. I’m a Democrat now by necessity. I need the help here.” He continued his unfunny rant about wanting enough money to say, “Fuck poor people.”  Without a hint of irony, he said that Republicans making less than $80k a year are embarrassing themselves.

More notably, on September 27, 2017, Former first lady Michelle Obama questioned the decisions of women who did not cast a ballot for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, saying that they “voted against their own voice.”

The absurd and sexist implication is that voting for a vagina-based POTUS would serve their interests better.