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  • Define: Hate

    How simple-minded do leftists (Democrats, socialists, and their ilk) have to be to reduce all of their opposition's arguments to a single word? Some may call that economy, but for most, it shows a lack of education. Or willful ignorance.
  • Define: Definitional Retreat

    Unlike outright lying about their policies, or projecting their atrocities on Republicans, or giving their corruptocrat bills cutesy or ironic names, the evil party (the Democrats) uses definitional retreat in public debate as...
  • Boston – Foreplay/Long Time

    "Foreplay" is the first song ever recorded by MIT grad/musical genious Tom Scholz. Written in 1969 and recorded on a two-track machine in his basement in 1971, "Foreplay" merged with "Long Time" on It's a Knockout, a sampler LP to EPIC records, before being released on Boston's monumental debut album BOSTON (1976).
  • Define: Cultural Appropriation

    Cultural Appropriation is an umbrella term that manages to represent not only spiteful depictions of other cultures but also benign celebrations of diversity, or any person or company trying to market products resembling something from another culture...
  • The Argument over Juneteenth, the New National Holiday

    ocial media is sputtering about the black culture not celebrating July 4 because it wasn’t their holiday. That is, their ancestors were still slaves, so the Declaration of Independence (along with other founding documents) do not apply to them. This is nonsense but before we get to that, let’s start with clarifying some vocabulary.

What Is Culture?

The story a people tells itself about itself
(and others)

The arena where we establish, transfer and ritualize our norms and values

A series of habits
(ways of doing things)
writ large

Cultural habits include both best practices and coping mechanisms that have outlived their usefulness.  “In order to form a more perfect union,” we need to rediscover America’s greatness. We must take care with the stories we tell, what values we espouse, the behaviors we normalize, and build better habits.  

How Can We Reset American Culture?

America doesn’t need a radical top-down restructuring of our government and economy. That’s just nuts.

But we do have a problem. We’ve allowed cultural Marxists to dominate our education, entertainment, media, and social media for far too long.

The result has been violence in the streets…

National Debt is killing us

We’ve allowed politicians to think that top-down (Statist) solutions and big government policies will safe us. That has allowed both parties to spend us into oblivion, leaving our country malnourished and our citizens poor.

We need to reset to the values and principles that built this great nation. We need to turn turn citizens into patriots.

It begins with you. Are you ready?

Because we can't let this happen again:

The Biden Fraudulency, the pernicious illegitimate, FAKEUS, the potted plant, the Socialist Proxy, head-sniffer and digital rapist, Commander in Cheat, Mr. Fraudulent, Joseph "Creepy Joe," Biden...
He'd be the first openly perverted POTUS if he were legit.

Days Occupying the White House: 1245

Days Since the Last Civil War: 57933

Joe Biden supporting former KKK leader Robert Bryd
“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”
W. Cleon Skousen, The Five Thousand Year Leap