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The Democrats Stole the 2020 Election

But that's none of your business? You're just a citizen not the job of the court moot. You don't have standing..

Election Fraud 2020 is real. Yes, we knew this already, but it bares repeating.  Don’t just take my word for it…

The Democrats have tried to steal elections as far back as the Civil War. In fact, the Civil War itself became a referendum on the election. They would rather have a divided country than a Republican in the White House who disagreed with them about power and control over people.

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton both play this game all the time and especially after Trump’s victory in 2016, so we’re not even going to pretend this is a Trump coup or  Republican conspiracy theory.

Nothing much has changed, except for the technology.


UPDATE 7/15: More people come forward to play Russian-collusion comparisons now that AZ and GA are proving what I knew on November 5. The difference is not this stupid “Republicans do it too” crap (called “Definitional Retreat“). 

Did the Russians try to interfere with the 2016 election? Yeah. Their impact was minimal. Three years of investigations showed NO evidence linking Trump campaign to any foreign shenanigans.  Trump legitimately won and yet the Democrats are still pissing about it.

What’s going on for Fraud 2020 is a different animal. It is the convergence of a TON of factors that ALL point to a concerted strategy to deny Trump reelection by any means.  It shows the DEMOCRAT PARTY straight-up stealing the election. There is NO equivalency.

The following video explains the Dominion algorithm simply, and shows the video of the DNC fraudsters running duplicate ballots:

Or consider other experts

Jovan Pulitzer explains the rigged process from another angle…

While not direct evidence, the following is the smoke of the smoking gun, which is, there is a great likeliness that the election was stolen:

Bellwether Counties prove election fraud

One Image, Obvious Fraud 2020

Voter Fraud, Detroit 2020
How is this NOT fraud? Why else would anyone block a valid vote count?

A variety of video evidence of the 2020 Election Fraud have already disappeared from the internet.

Imagine that! YouTube and other Big Tech platforms are censoring election integrity investigations. Makes one wonder what they have to hide, yes?

But the picture on the left is all we really need. This POS blocking access to poll watchers PROVES fraud. There’s NO other same reason to prevent an accurate count except for cheating.

This image alone should invalidate this district’s results. The obvious appearance of impropriety damages our trust in the election process. We can’t have that.

So where are the investigations?

Yes, looking at you, FBI!  State agencies. DOJ Barr and others pretending this changeling is legit. (UPDATE: Bill Barr actually PREVENTED investigations in election fraud)

Do the courts have standing and the courage to see the evidence?

Fringes keep assuring us that things are being done. Donald Trump hates those who steal so much and he used to run a casino. Things are going to be done. Unfortunately, we’ve heard that for YEARS. Ever since Obama gaslit the nation over any of a half-dozen scandals, we were told: “Justice is coming.”

Ever since Hillary blatantly violated federal law and James Comey laid out the evidence and added that no prosecutor would go to court,  ever since the Obama regime spied on and sabotaged the incoming Trump administration, we have been waiting for ANY prosecutor to issue an indictment.  On anything, to anyone.

So It's Okay to Riot?

On January 6, 2021, patriots gathered in Washington DC to express their outrage in a lawful, reasonable fashion. After all, 2/3 of Republicans and 1/3 of Democrats know this election was stolen. The POTUS told us to be peaceful. The crowd was peaceful. There was NO way they could get from Trump’s speech to the capital building so fast.

But on queue, the page from the Saul Alinsky songbook sang again, proving again that you don’t oppose patriots dressed like Antifa thugs, you dress up as monsters claiming to be MAGA and break into the capital building.

The leftist press not only goes along with it, they embellish it, branding the peaceful protest as a violent “insurrection” and “potential coup.” Everyone feigned outrage, calling it “unprecedented”  (Hyperbole update: July 2021, Biden called it the greatest attack on our Democracy since the Civil War) even though we just saw leftists burn cities a few months earlier, killing over dozens and causing billions in damage.

Big tech responded on social media, canceling all sane citizens with common sense and long-term memory. You can’t talk about the fraud. That’s a fringe conspiracy theory.

But news is dripping out. The cop, Officer Brian Sicknick hit with the fire extinguisher? Yeah, NY Times retracted it.  Turns out there’s no evidence of blunt force trauma and he died of a stroke at a hospital Jan 7, not at the capital.

Meanwhile, unarmed Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer while trying to enter the capital through the broken window. How justified was that? Will there be riots over this unlawful shooting? Probably not.

AOC was NOT in the capital building. She was in the complex, cowering like a field mouse, but nowhere near the action.  And no, Ted Cruz (AKA Zodiac Killer) didn’t try to have her killed. 

And then there’s this:

Oh, so NOT an insurrection or violent riot, but a peaceful protest that the Capital Police allowed.  Huh. 

Well, that kinda puts the media on notice as a bunch of gaslighting propagandists, doesn’t it? 

Make no mistake: this fraudulent election was the insurrection and coup.

And no, believing this fraud doesn’t make you some fringe conspiracy theorist:


Can Anything Be Done?

Joe Biden, the fraud muppet (the hand up his ass is Obama, allegedly), resides in the White House today. We watched the Fraudulency installed on Jan 20, followed by 50+ absurd executive orders that don’t serve American citizens, and a second failed impeachment of Trump.

The reason for the second impeachment is simple: the Democrats know that we know the election was stolen and they wanted to prevent Trump from coming back — not in 2024, but in months.

We can’t wait. But can this cruel farce be overturned?  Short answer: no.  According to Jenna Ellis, we went through the Constitutional electoral process, so Trump’s “reinstatement” is not possible. I, however, would like to think that once the truth is obvious, the Biden administration will have to concede in order to mitigate prison time and/or forestall millions of outraged citizens marching on DC.

4-D Chess option (recently mentioned by Rep. Matt Gaetz): We can impeach Biden and Harris (there’s ample evidence for both) once we retake the house (if the fraud audits go our way) and instate Trump as the Speaker of the House (yes, oddly, ANYONE can be voted as speaker, not just elected reps), who then, after the impeachment process, will then become POTUS again.  Yeah, not impossible but REALLY improbable.

Even better than overturning, when is the reckoning?

How about never? Is Never good for you?


The Audits are Coming!

Judge Orders New Election After 78 Percent of Mail-In Ballots Found Invalid, Notary Arrested

Yes, GA enacted voter integrity laws. Yes, the left freaked out because it will mean they can’t steal the next election as they did on CAMERA in 2020, and then repeated (allegedly) for the Senate runoff that put two DNC senators in office in the heavily Republican state.  We have NO way of knowing but independent reviewers say that the number of potentially fraudulent ballots exceed the threshold for a Trump victory. Biden (cough) “won” by 12,000 votes but “up to 20,000 ‘probably false ballots’ cast in Georgia’s Fulton County.”

Things don’t look good for AZ.  Certain DNC operatives are fidgeting over early results of the Maricopa Cty audit, leading DNC lawyers to pounce and for insiders to delete the voting database. Almost like they have something to hide?

WI is going to audit the election too!

More to come. 

Don’t lose hope. Constitutional patriots are furious, getting involved, and determinated to reset the culture.

For more details on the election fraud (I can’t keep up), check out:

For more on the process of election integrity, go to:

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Note: this 133 Million registered number is disputed. Okay, it is possibly wrong. I’ll concede that, but not the intent behind it. The 2020 fraud should be as obvious as these numbers, as the post above shows. ANYONE pretending that Biden got 81 million legitimate votes is kidding themselves. It simply did. not. happen.