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Can’t stop the signal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.

Traditional media and social media have grown hostile to freedom-loving Americans. Stop supporting them.

Cut the Cable!

As an informed citizen with too many choices and not enough opportunities, your first order of business is to stop paying for leftism through your cable provider.

Cut the cable. Save yourself a ton of money and Stop subsidizing TV channels that insult your values. You may have a bundle that includes home phone, TV and Internet. Reduce your plan to only the Internet. 

Streaming will become your new best friend. You’ll watch what you want, when you want.

Streaming recommendation: Roku. Or other streaming service. You can curate channels you want and forget the rest.

Premium Streaming Services

Expect many others to make a solid showing in the coming years. These may include Hulu, Crackle, HBO (if they can find their next Game of Thrones), Criterion Collection, BBC, and others.

Please recommend if you know other channels.

Defund the Media!

Now that you’re streaming content on your PC or TV, level up your news networks:

Instead of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR and FOX News:
The Daily Wire
The Blaze

News Aggregators

Instead of Drudge Report:
The Conservative Playlist
The Populist Press
The Bongino Report
The Liberty Daily
Whatfinger News

Online Encyclopedia

Instead of Wikipedia:


Defund Big Tech!

Social media and primary searches have not only become anti-free speech and hostile to anything but leftist views, they’re collecting user data like crazy to gear up their crowd-control AI for #cancelculture activism.

Social Media

Instead of Facebook: mewe, or Gab
Instead of Twitter: Parler or Telegram
Instead of Google search: Duck Duck Go or Startpage
Instead of YouTube: Rumble
Instead of Reddit:

Reporters and Personalities to follow

You may not agree with everything they say, but I believe they are worthwhile and honest journalists, pundits and internet personalities. 

  • Dan Bongino
  • Michelle Malkin
  • Bill Whittle
  • Stephen Crowder
  • David Horowitz
  • Hodge Twins
  • Diamond & Silk
  • Officer Tatum
  • Candace Owens

I’m sure there are many more to consider. Let me know which ones you prefer.

Stay in Touch

Reducing the impact of leftism, statism, and other negative influences can be difficult. Let’s do it together.

If you have suggestions for resetting our cultural conversation, or just want to be kept up-to-date, send me a question or comment.

Reset Culture

"We need to find ways to
communicate with each other."
Andrew Breitbart
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