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"Love is NOT love"

Define: Hate

How simple-minded do leftists (Democrats, socialists, and their ilk) have to be to reduce all of their opposition’s arguments to a single word? Some may call that economy, but for most, it shows a lack of education. Or willful ignorance.

Boston Boston, 1976

Boston – Foreplay/Long Time

“Foreplay” is the first song ever recorded by MIT grad/musical genious Tom Scholz. Written in 1969 and recorded on a two-track machine in his basement in 1971, “Foreplay” merged with “Long Time” on It’s a Knockout, a sampler LP to EPIC records, before being released on Boston’s monumental debut album BOSTON (1976).

Define: Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation is an umbrella term that manages to represent not only spiteful depictions of other cultures but also benign celebrations of diversity, or any person or company trying to market products resembling something from another culture…

The Truth About Socialism

These days, Socialism is all the rage, so for better or worse — and it’s always worse — it’s important to recognize it for what it is, and isn’t. This isn’t comprehensive but it should cover the vitals.
I hear too many people thinking that their neighborhood police or fire departments are examples of socialism in action. They’re not.

Nancy Pelosi's Pathological Altruism

Define: Pathological Altruism

Pathological altruism is that feel-good, smooth ride highway to hell, paved with good intentions. That is, typically paved by Democrat radicals who lecture the world about so many ills that they either created by their meddling or made worse by their intervention.

We can all appreciate the spirit of generosity that permeates American culture. However…

ELO Mr. Blue Sky

Mr. Blue Sky

ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky is considered one of the happiest songs ever created.  When life gets you down, and it will, this song can restart your joie de vivre.

Basically, Jeff Lynne wrote it after spending two weeks under dreary rain, and the sun finally rose.