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NY Times: All the News That's Fit to Line a Birdcage

Judge Claims Leftist Media Is a Threat to Democracy

The increased power of the press is so dangerous today because we are very close to one-party control of these institutions. Our court was once concerned about the institutional consolidation of the press leading to a “bland and homogenous” marketplace of ideas. It turns out that ideological consolidation of the press (helped along by economic consolidation) is the far greater threat.​

Civil War was reparations

Define: Reparations

Reparations are another long-standing grift for raising political funds when the DNC needs to restore their relationship with, or obscure their neglect or malfeasance in the black community. It is almost always in reference to U.S. chattel slavery that the Democrats instituted, perpetuated, and fought to retain during the Civil War and afterward.

How about never? Is Never good for you?

Democrats Stole the 2020 Election

On January 6, 2021, patriots gathered in Washington DC to express their outrage in a lawful, reasonable fashion. After all, 2/3 of Republicans and 1/3 of Democrats know this election was stolen. The POTUS told us to be peaceful. But the Saul Alinsky playbook sang again, proving over and over again that you don’t oppose like Antifa thugs, you dress up as monsters claiming to be MAGA and break into the capital building.

What Virologist Wear

The Truth About the COVID Hoax

As usual, 2020 was a complete goat-rodeo when it came to the COVID crisis. We should place this episode, as most others, squarely at the feet of the leftist media, big tech and Democrat party. They’re trying to see how far they can push you to comply with their lying, power-mad hypocritical ravings they call “science.”

Define: Science

We often hear, “The science is settled,” over things things like climate change, COVID guidelines, transgenderism and other leftist claptraps. But it bares repeating: the science is NEVER settled. Science cannot be settled, only bought.