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The Truth About the COVID Hoax

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain bought by special interests trying to control your behavior

So, you think the lock downs are excessive, huh? Well, you must want to kill grandma!

You don’t want to wear a mask? You’re anti-science and I hope you DIE!

Wait, you ate in a restaurant?… You’re not wearing TWO masks?…

I’m so over the hype of this Chinese-Wuhan virus, built in a lab and/or released in a wet market from eating “friggin’ bats” or some such. Frankly, I don’t care where it came from. (China. It came from China.)

What’s important is that we all come together and blamed Trump, right?

Trump Said It Was a Hoax?

No, Trump said the media’s response to COVID was a hoax. Not the same thing.  Trump said it was a real problem, which was why he blocked flights from China, went along with the initial 2-week lock down so hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed.  That isn’t taking a potential pandemic lightly.

But the media said we were all going to die and it was Trump’s fault. That didn’t happen. They said Trump blamed Chinese people when he actually blamed China’s leadership for ignoring and concealing the problem while flights to the USA and Europe continued.

The truth is, China is responsible for COVID, and Trump responded faster than anyone expected, months faster than Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Yes, he said we would defeat it. That’s what a leader does: he leads.  He fosters hope and perseverance.

The media called that lying to the American public, but then the media also said we needed only two weeks to stop the spread (9+ months ago). They’d rather fight the POTUS, defend China, and gaslight the public.

Despite the enormous efforts put in place by the Trump administration, from bi-coastal mercy ships to getting businesses to retrofit their manufacturing to make ventilators and masks to fast-tracking vaccines, Biden says he didn’t do enough.

But when Biden got into office, he claimed there wasn’t much he could do, still promised to do more than Trump, all while letting the Trump strategy play out, because it was the right move.

Oh, but what about the stimulus checks? Yeah, get into your wayback machines and recall that the DNC denied any vaccine was possible, that it would arrive in the next couple years, then claimed Trump moved to slow and it came too late, all while holding up relief bills until after the election.  The true hoax was Democrats claiming to care about people instead of power.

So much for politics…

COVID Might be Nothing?

In November 2020, Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at John Hopkins, published her analysis of the CDC mortality data by year and cause (removed from internet for your own good).  Her results seem to say we might be over-reacting. There is no significant differences in mortality rates from 2018-2020, except that cancer and influenza deaths are down in 2020. 

COVID deaths by week 2-18-2020
Graph depicts the number of deaths per cause during that period in 2020 to 2018. Instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease. Even more surprising, this sudden decline in deaths is observed for all other causes.

Put it another way, roughly the same number of people die each year, but someone has carved out a special category for COVID to make the virus seem more threatening than it is:

"All of this points to no evidence that COVID-19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary."
Genevieve Brand
Asst Prog Dir

This statement is not the end of the conversation on death stats.

COVID Might be Something

“Fact checkers” (Fact check: True, for leftism), say that Genevieve’s study lacks context [cough/bullshit]; that it doesn’t have the NEW and improved COVID numbers.

Context didn’t stop NY Governor Cuomo from killing off thousands of nursing home residents and then writing a book and claiming an Emmy for how well he did (more on that here). So, who are you gonna believe?

Obviously, this is not the end of COVID stats or stat-stuffing. Did over 2 million people die? No. The numbers are much lower than expected, and thanks to Trump’s quick and effective responses, most Americans will never have to suffer and die of COVID.


To Mask or Not to Mask

I mean, we should never go to a restaurant or the mall or the beach or the mountains or on a street or in an enclosed space or even in the open air without one, right? Forget one! Multiple masks, right?

Give me a break. Scientists said masks didn’t work before they became vital, before multiple ones really signaled your virtue.

What Virologist Wear

Enough of the snotty, condescending memes about masks protecting you from others or others from you.  Actual virologists wear full containment suits with piped-in air like antique bell divers. The reason doctors wear masks is to prevent spittle from falling into open wounds, not because it blocks all possible pathogens! Don’t let some high-school-drop-out internet troll pretend to be a virologist on your dime.

Don’t take your queues from Anthony Fauci either:

Fauci Knew in Feb 2020 that masks are meaningless

He knew at the beginning of 2020 that masks are of limited use. As time goes by, we’ll discover that he knew a LOT earlier what was really going on and his approach to COVID was more about political power to overthrow Trump’s reelection than science.

If you want to wear a face diaper/pacifier, go for it, Karen, but leave the rest of us alone.

Fauci's Empire Strikes Out

UPDATE: June 9, 2021. More emails from the Freedom of Information act show that Anthony Fauci should have known and mitigated his mandates in 2020.

Here he is defending his position (queued to his “I am science” conclusion)

A lot of what you’re seeing, quite frankly, as attacks on me, are attacks on science.

NO, Tony!  YOU are not science. What you’re doing is NOT science, but politics. Your pronouncements were making policy in real time. Government officials were dictating behaviors to the general public based on your words.

Do you get that?

You don’t get to admit that the science constantly varies and you’re constantly updating your understanding of things AND AT THE SAME TIME wonder why citizens complain about the externalities caused by your mandates.

Wipe that stupid, smug look off your face.  Your pronouncements were wrong A LOT. Based on them, the US economy shut down, impacting the lives and social interactions of every American. These mandates shuttered many small businesses and tortured children into wearing masks at school when they had no way of contracting or spreading COVID!

At the same time, you allowed both big govt and big tech to destroy the careers and social media reach of all your detractors  – WHO TURNED OUT TO BE RIGHT!

So no, you don’t get to wrap yourself in the cloak of infallibility when it suits you. Your science is too fickle a god for our obedience.

So yeah, we want you fired. We also suspect that you colluded with CCP in the creation and/or spread of COVID, and since you’re certainly culpable in its consequences, yes we want you investigated.

Regardless, next time there’s a public health issue, you scientists should submit a memo, explain your findings and concerns, and “We the People,” the sovereign citizens of this country, will determine what course of action to take. Not you.

What We Actually KNOW about COVID

The reality is, COVID is a nasty virus with a 99.97% survival rate. Yes, it hit us hard at the start because we didn’t know what we were dealing with. We know better now.

It’s as dangerous as the flu, so take precautions.  If you are old and have multiple comorbidities — that is, one or more additional conditions often co-occurring with a primary medical condition — you might suffer a COVID-related death like the trampled victims of a Black Friday stampede. Sideline yourself as best you can.

Also worth noting:

One thing is certain, however: it was TOTALLY worth shutting down the GOAT economy in an election year and destroying all of those small businesses, restaurants, driving people out of cities, and all that, right?

Wrong. Any sane risk analysis would conclude that we should have quarantined the vulnerable and allowed herd immunity to overtake the rest of us. The shut-downs were an unmitigated disaster for our culture. More people died of substance abuse and depression than were saved, and it cost us trillions of dollars.

To Get or Not Get the Vaccine?

UPDATE: JULY 2021: The Biden administration promises to go door-to-door to push acceptance of the vaccine. That sounds like a threat, doesn’t it?

Especially since there’s a minority (though still significant) number of people who experienced adverse effects from the vaccine.

After all, consider that it’s NOT an FDA-approved experimental drug distributed free by companies immune from liability. Yeah, if that doesn’t give you pause, consider the total lack of long-term stats, the suppression of public debate, the continued flip-flops and gaslighting over masks, distancing, transferability, and co-morbidities, the inflation of national COVID death numbers and the “doctoring” of death numbers in NY State to spare Governor Cuomo from his culpability in killing off over 15,000 nursing home residents.

Then again, there’s your 99.67% survival rate if you get COVID, the reliable HCQ alternative, and the persistent drum of a corrupt, incompetent administration that claim you’re an anti-American domestic terrorist whose going to kill us all if you don’t take it.

Can’t imagine why we don’t trust them!

That said, if you want the vaccine, if you think it’ll make you feel better, get it. If you don’t, don’t be pushed into it.


2020 was a complete goat-rodeo when it came to the COVID crisis. And we should place the blame, as usual, squarely at the feet of the leftist media, big tech and Democrat party.  Even now they’re trying to see how far they can push you to comply with their lying, power-mad hypocritical ravings they call “science.”

The good news is, 2020 is over. There’s no reason to passively comply with wannabe tyrants. Some police departments are already refusing to enforce unconstitutional orders.  Many fed up citizens are fighting back.  Join them.

Your children should go back to school as normal. If you have to break the backs of teacher’s unions to do it, so be it.

If your governor won’t open your state, consider a recall. They’re doing it in California. They’re considering it in Michigan. New York should break out the tar and feathers. That’s long overdue.

Don’t give in to depression. Don’t let the Chicken Littles of Propaganda get you down. Changes are coming.

Under the pandemic we also accelerated:

And get ready for a maskless future in the sun. Believe it. It’s coming.

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