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Define: False Dichotomy

Logical fallacy

Definition of "False Dichotomy"

Examples of "False Dichotomy" include:

False Dichotomy Notes

As Newt Gingrich says, “The choice is never between doing nothing or doing something very stupid.”

That should be our mantra.  When you see this in an argument, first deconstruct the argument, then claim there’s a third choice.  This third choice will have none of the stupidity of the first choice; that is, it won’t demand you give up a foundational right to a statist.   The third choice must also actually address the problem at hand.

Noted examples of the False Dichotomy:

Nationalizing healthcare

Remember this one? If Paul Ryan didn’t support Obamacare, then there’s only one alternative:

Gun Control

Global Warming

Reasonable people shouldn’t have to debate AOC, but the topic of Climate Change requires its own page.  Check it out here:

The Fix Is In: Climate Change Hoax

When it comes to the largest, most expensive hoax in history, the scientific community, the handmaidens, vestal virgins and high priests of the Democratic Socialist movement will allow no argument to their brilliance. However, there are a few points for those interested in why the deniers hold onto their heresy...

Reset the Terms to Beat a False Dichotomy

There’s an old saying that arguing on the internet is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon clearly doesn’t know the game but he’ll still crap all over the board, knock over the pieces and strut around like he won.

The same can be said for leftists.

You could simply walk away. No one said you have to argue with them. Or you could hold your ground. Don’t allow the false dichotomy to prevail. Start with a question like: “Really? Those are my only choices? You know what I think?”

Yes, you might offer sensible third options, and forth, and fifth, and so on, but it be as useful as saying: You’re either for America, or you’re a commie pinko bedwetting imbecile. Since I’m for America, you must be the other guy.”

Then we’ll see how much they like the taste of their own medicine.