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The Fix Is In: Climate Change Hoax

America is endangering our future by not giving in to the climate hoax? By refusing to cripple our economy and redistribute our wealth in the vain hope of changing the weather.  ISIS will be so impressed.

When it comes to the largest, most expensive hoax in history, the scientific community, the handmaidens, vestal virgins and high priests of the Democratic Socialist movement will allow no argument to their brilliance.

However, there are a few points for those interested in why the deniers hold onto their heresy.

It’s been a couple years since the discovery that scientists are actively doctoring the Global Warming data.  No, we didn’t forget.

The Science is not Settledclimate-hoax-inquisition

Let’s lay this down first: the science is NEVER settled.  That’s why it’s science and not politics.  Peer review is not part of the scientific method.  Consensus is not part of the scientific method. We base science on data, not faith.  Can we agree on that?

If so, then there are no deniers.  Deniers, like heretics, are part of the Gaia religion, not science.  So the names have no bearing on our discussion.

The Argument Against Climate Change

What you really came for.  So here it is:

  1. There’s no proof it’s happening.  Sorry, 9 out of 10 scientists surveyed. If all you can proffer is doctored data and apocalyptic fears while ignoring the cooling trend of the last 18 years, then go home, pinkos; you’re drunk. The polar bears haven’t drowned.  Your computer models are wrong.
  2. Even if you can prove climate change, you can’t prove its anthropogenic.  That is, you can’t prove beyond a great deal of reasonable doubt that the industrial age brought about these variations in weather any more or less than volcanoes and cow farts.  The earth’s climate is far more varied than you believe.
  3. Even if you can prove anthropogenic climate change, you can’t prove it’s negative.  That’s right, I said it.  Humanity thrives and can adapt far better in warmer climates. In case you hadn’t noticed, the hurricane season is shorter and milder, and the polar ice caps are stronger than ever.
  4. Even if you can prove it’s negative, nothing you’ve said indicates we can do anything about it.  According to your own climate research, reducing our economies back to medieval levels of carbon exchange would have less than half a degree change in temperature over the next century.  In other words, we’re better off innovating our way out of the bad weather.
  5. But the most damning points against the current climate hysteria is the following: it’s not about weather, but POWER. Since this little circus started in the 70’s, when it was first called Global Cooling, the solution has always been a demand for centralizing power and economies,  reduced personal and corporate autonomy, and the redistribution of wealth.  The carbon credit exchange is merely a shell game to make elite socialists rich while enslaving businesses and hampering poor countries.

Yes, in the end, you’re not saving the planet.  The planet can take care of itself.  The elites are saving their worthless revolution, evolving toward that day when the communist boot stomps on the face of man forever.  It’s another global imperialist scheme to keep the poor down while telling them we’re setting them free.

I find that reprehensible. We’ve wasted over a trillion dollars making speeches and measuring ice flows when we could have built irrigation in Africa to stave off malaria or educated women in Muslim countries to stave off radicalism, or any number of worthwhile ventures that may have raised the hope of downtrodden peoples this world over, but no.  We had to listen to that fat idiot, Al Gore, who expends more carbon than a small town put together trying to pick your pockets.

The hoax is over. We have found the cause: SCIENTISTS cause climate change. They must reduce our belief in scientists. We must take the MONEY out of the climate chicken-littles. The facts are in. The science against scientists is settled. Reset science to study things that don’t waste our resources and enrich the global elites and socialists.

UPDATE Sept 2023: “A coalition of 1,609 scientists from around the world have signed a declaration stating “there is no climate emergency” and that they “strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy” being pushed across the globe.”  So much for precious consensus.

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