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Core Beliefs

Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The natural condition for the vast majority of humanity is utter squalor. Today’s American children will live better, healthier and longer than medieval kings.

We live in modernity thanks to the United States. Name any invention — from refrigeration and air conditioning to cars, planes, televison and movies, medicine and technology in every sector — with VERY few exceptions, Americans invented it or perfected it, and sold it cheaper and more efficiently than anyone else in history.

Yes, we haven’t always lived up to our ideals, but we are still vastly superior to other cultures: more equal, fair, tolerant, self-sacrificing and generous.

We should be happier. More contented. More virtuous. We have inherited the fruits of great scholars, achievers and statesmen whose labor turned a wilderness into a majestic country and society worth defending.

If you’re reading this, you may understand this already. We’re told that this “the last best hope of man on earth” was conceived in bigotry and perpetuated through injustice. We’re told that our founding documents, laws and institutions are racist and evil, and should be replaced. We’re told that our economic system is a failure and that socialism is the answer…

That’s all false. We have allowed the lies and outright gaslighting to fester in our schools, entertainment, and media for far too long.

As president, George W Bush never fought back because he said history will be kind to him. This was no only absurdly naive, it was also selfish and destructive to the American way of life he had the obligation to defend.

This failure made it easier for the media to call patriotic citizens “racists” during the divisive and destructive Obama administration, and “white supremacists” during the exceptional Trump administration.

The reality is, history is written first by arrogant journalists — over 90% leftist activists — and if they’re not corrected, historians will print the lie instead of the truth.

History is ultimately written by winners, and if we allow our great Republic to march into that “thousand years of darkness,” the statists will rewrite our history, indoctrinate our children, and corrupt our society beyond recognition.

We have a duty to reset the record, and ResetCulture will do its part to prepare you. (see ResetTerms to get started)

Again, another easy concept: what we used to call the “mainstream” media was never objective, and it’s anything but mainstream now.

The Leftist media is a radical propaganda arm of the Democrat party, which has been overrun by communists, socialists, and fascists (but I repeat myself) pretending to be reasonable while actively trying to choke out our rights and freedoms.

The narrative must be countered, corrected, and even mocked, at every turn.

Today’s too prevalent belief is that everything is institutional. If there’s a problem in your neighborhood, the buck stops on the President’s desk, right?

Wrong. Here’s where we are: the 20th Century was defined by two ideological movements: Modernism and Postmodernism. Modernism is the belief in the perfectibility of man by perfecting institutions. If your life is wrong, it’s the government’s responsibility. This concept worked for certain public works projects, but it was instituted through all areas of life, from eugenics and abortion at the start of life, and euthanasia and holocaust death camps at the other.

An entire generation witnessed the disaster — the horror — of Modernism. And their too-cool kids said the whole thing was a power play, that all institutions, laws, social norms, et cetera, were simply ways of keeping the man down. This was Postmodernism, a return to the people, the government giving to the man instead of institution. But with social welfare programs and Woodstock came communism, and their own “long march through the institutions,” pervading entertainment, education, and industry with the notion that your personal happiness takes a back seat to nothing and nobody. Screw perfecting society! I’ll get mine.

Postmodernism, I believe, ended September 11, 2001. The world suddenly realized that some parts of the world weren’t governed by cynicism and anti-heroes. They still believe in the pre-modernist view of a moral universe, a place where a sinful (not-perfectible) humanity needs a moral culture to civilize and energize him toward righteous ends.

You see, while society has advanced from the swamp to the city, human nature hasn’t changed one bit. We are still sinful, fallen creatures, and if we’re not careful, we can regress to tribalism (sound familiar) or worse.

Thomas Sowell - Each new generation is an invasion of civilization by little barbarians

For radical Islam, that means jihad. For American progressives, that means socialism. For patriots, that means a return to our founding principles: Christianity, individualism, federalism, capitalism (and other -isms that don’t mean power over the masses).

That’s one reason ResetCulture exists, but it isn’t the only one. You see, patriotism without personal responsibility takes us right back to the top-down, government-solution Modernism again.The reason progressives think the “MAGA/America First” movement  is a rebirth of white supremacy and Nazism is because they never never gave up on Modernism. They still think like social scientists with their abortion funding, gun confiscation schemes, comprehensive healthcare solutions, and so on.

We must fight for our country everywhere we can: in the courts and in the culture, but we must stop pretending that Washington alone can determine our future. No, we have to stop thinking like social scientists.

This is an unavoidable dramatic tension: a big government always produces small, compliant, weak citizens.

We can’t have that. In may ways, government is the problem to the answer. We can’t afford our ballooning national debt, and the empty promises of politicians. We certainly can’t survive Leftist run cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York, etc.

Cultural change doesn’t really come from top-down legislation. It bubbles up from citizens through their families, their communities, through the conversations we have with one another.

Resetting the cultural conversation is key. As the late great Andrew Breitbart reminds us, “Politics is downstream of culture.”

If you believe that only big government can provide the freedom and equality we seek, then you have been lied to. Yes, our Constitution, laws, and social norms must be strengthened, but only so that Big Citizens can grow.

So we can grow strong families into flourishing, vibrant communities into an American culture that inspires the best of humanity.
We’ll never be perfect.  But with a sane culture and God’s grace, we might have shoulders strong enough to support the next generation of American patriots.

If you believe you are on a rendezvous with destiny, then accept the idea that government must be small enough not to stand in your way.

If you’re like many people, you’re tired, overdrawn, and out of ideas. The news gets you down. The government makes stupid decisions and then lies about it. And as you know, too many Americans waste their lives chasing fantasies, from socialism to Marvel movies.

You know we should do better — BE better — but at times we have no clue where to start and no motivation to get started.

I get it. I’m right there with you. But I think I can help. I’ve assembled a great many skills over a long period of time —— studying literature, education, movies, history, human nature, the cultural narrative, business processes, and so on. I am a tech-savvy problem solver, and my focus is cultural renewal through resetting habits, both big and small.


We need you to become a big citizen.

Today, patriotic Americans are beset on all sides, from radical and violent Marxists to do-nothing public servants, “fake news” media corporations and big tech tyrants, trying to fundamentally transform our country.  But make no mistake: most Americans are NOT divided, racist, socialist, or fatalist. We still believe our best days lay ahead, for ourselves and our children.

For that reason, we need you to RESET many of the conversations we’re having as a culture. We need to clarify some foundational truths about our American experience and express a clear and reasonable process for improvement.

We may not be perfect, but we have come a long way [baby], and will continue to strive for a more perfect union. We will reset without the evil globalist “Great Reset” and progress without being “progressive.”  

And we will not give up the freedoms our Forefathers fought to provide.

I want you to be an awesome citizen

Action Step 1: Use ResetCulture to Retake Social Media

As you frequently encounter the poorly informed and the indoctrinated on social media, it helps to have ready resources at your disposal. Share links to any of the following (and let us know what we need to add!):

Move on to the next part of your journey to becoming bigger citizen and a more effective person with an introduction to the continuous improvement movement…