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The Argument over Juneteenth,
the New National Holiday

White House resident, senile Fraud Muppet Joe Biden, just signed a bill allowing all Americans a new holiday:

Juneteenth National Independence Day!

So why isn’t everyone overflowing with joy and gratitude?

President Trump liked the idea of creating the holiday, but I’m guessing that the Congressional Black Caucus didn’t want the bill signed on his watch. The Democrats would have squealed from the rafters about tokenism from a racist president (who wasn’t racist).

So, here we are, signed with the Democrats, and Republicans are upset because it’s tokenism from a racist president (who befriended Klansmen and who son uses the N-word regularly).

Biden signing Juneteenth

But Who Needs Two Independence Days?

Social media is sputtering about the black culture not celebrating July 4 because it wasn’t their holiday. That is, their ancestors were still slaves, so the Declaration of Independence (along with other founding documents) do not apply to them.

This is nonsense but before we get to that, let’s start with clarifying some vocabulary.  Liberty and freedom are often used synonymously and their meanings are practically mirror images. No one ever corrects you so don’t sweat it.

However, every so often, someone mentions the “liberties and freedoms we enjoy” and you think they’re just being rhetorically redundant. They’re not. Not exactly.  Liberty is believed to be the root cause of freedom:


A "right" meant for an individual, or group; "the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s behavior or political views."


Meant for the country as a whole, as independence from the rule and/or influence of a foreign country; the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action on a society

Why All Americans Should Celebrate Independence Day

Based on the above definitions, we celebrate July 4, Independence Day, because the United States gained liberty from Britain as a country. If you are an American citizen, it’s your day [baby]!

Our Declaration of Independence spelled out the cessation of foreign influence in  America.  This is a primary reason why most Americans balk at concepts like “global governance” and “The Great Reset.”

The idea that black people don’t or shouldn’t celebrate July 4 because they weren’t “free” is false, and not just for the true meaning of the holiday, but for the following three reasons:

You see, Independence Day is celebrated, not because every single person was liberated, but that the country itself was independent!

So Why Is Juneteenth Controversial?

Making Juneteenth a holiday is only problematic depending on your perspective. I personally like the idea of an Emancipation Day celebration. “Juneteenth” is a stupid name but I approve of the spirit behind it, especially as it marks the day that Republicans defeated slave-owning Democrats and emancipated millions of black people.

It’s a holiday to remind black people that Republicans are willing to tell them the truth about Democrat lies and abuse that they no longer have to tolerate.

Dates to consider:

January 1, 1863: The Emancipation Proclamation, signed by Republican President Abraham Lincoln frees the slaves.

December 18, 1865: a largely Republican congress ratifies the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery for the whole country.

June 19, 1865: General Gordon Granger announces the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the remaining slaves in Texas. 

THAT third, almost non-event day is “Juneteenth.”

But you know and I know, a holiday celebrating a Republican victory, or a joyous day for all Americans is NOT how it will be perceived. The Leftists will still talk about it as an ongoing remembrance of “America’s original sin of slavery” and how we still have a long way to go to true equality.

Already, someone tweeted their discomfort over a holiday that white people can take off as well (how’s that for inclusion?).  She since deleted it, but this was my response:

According to Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire, the “Juneteenth” holiday… will have the distinction of being the only federal holiday bereft of gratitude.” To back up this claim, he cites the perennially divisive (and narcissistic) Barack Obama who posted, “Juneteenth has never been a celebration of victory, or an acceptance of the way things are. It’s a celebration of progress. It’s an affirmation that despite the most painful parts of our history, change is possible — and there is still so much work to do.”

Current vapid VP Kamala Harris said at the signing ceremony. “We have come far, and we have far to go. But today is a day of celebration. It is not only a day of pride. It’s also a day for us to reaffirm and rededicate ourselves to action.”

Some activists will try to tie Juneteeth to their pernicious Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination (instead of the actual history) as an ongoing example of “white supremacy”…

Or they’ll open the floodgates to their radical agendas. Here’s the newest member of “The Squad,” Missouri Rep. Cori Bush (D):

MO Rep Cori Bus takes Juneteenth to a new level

So, it’s reasonable to say that leftists and black equality activists (but I repeat myself) will likely NOT use this day to celebrate with cake and casserole with the descendants of Union liberators, but will likely use it to shame all whites into another round of racial guilt, and progress toward socialism.

If it’s not already apparent, this view is wrong for three more good reasons:

So Happy Juneteenth National Independence Day!

But, you say, what difference does it make so long as we get the day off?

The difference is that the leftist narrative continues. That’s why we must do our best to correct the history, break through the indoctrination, and continually reaffirm the greatness of our country’s founding.

Independence Day (July 4) is for ALL of us.  This poorly named Emancipation Day is to celebrate our country’s noble achievement, the abolition of slavery. May it, like socialism, never again haunt our blessed shores.

Vernon Jones on Juneteenth

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