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Define: Compromise and Unity


Definition of both "compromise" and "unity"

Examples of false "compromise" and "unity" include:

What is "Compromise" and "Unity"?

It may seem strange that two different words would have the exact same meaning. Ordinarily, “unity” should mean a condition of harmony, or the quality or state of being made one. “Compromise” is supposed to be a settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions. Unfortunately, in our current political context, they are identical, and their outcomes are always the same.

The key elements of the DNC “unity” or “compromise” include:

This last point is critical since it allows the DNC swamp rats to appear [statesman /stateswoman /statesperson-like] and above the fray. They smile and placidly urge unity or compromise while others commit literal acts of violence or engage in various forms of political assassination on their behalf.

This tactic was effectively used during the Obama regime, when every critic of that thin-skinned narcissist was met with claims of racism. It’s become the standard practice during the Biden regime.

Necessary Response

Joe Biden’s current request for “unity” for the good of the country means the largest voter turnout in history – over 75+ MILLION Trump voters — should shut up and swallow his fraudulent victory while big tech erases them from social media and the “fake news” media condemn them as Nazis, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists.

The response should be unequivocally: Get. Stuffed. There will be NO unity. NO compromise. We have NO interest in playing along. We will treat you as you treated Trump, and when the media asks wistfully “whatever happened to civility?” we will tell them something flippant and rude about them raping children on Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

Alternatively, we’ll accuse them of raping Chinese orphans with Hunter Biden.

Trump as Johnny Cash, middle finger
Biden time to heel

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