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Define: Voter Suppression


Definition of "Voter Suppression"

Examples of "Voting Against (your) self-interest" include:

What Is Voter Suppression?

Doesn’t every democracy allow for any person, citizen or not, to submit as many votes as they want, in any district the want, whenever they want?  Not to allow it would be a violation of our democracy and racist, right?


The DNC argument is that blacks cannot possibly be subjected to voting on a single designated day, once every couple years or so is as racist as saying they’re too lazy, stupid or uncivilized to get a voter ID card prior to election registration day.  It’s the same racist con we go through every election year.

Ask your Democrat friends if they believe that minorities are NOT capable of:

Any person who claims that these are undue burdens is not only racist, but has not met of any fictional minorities they claim to champion by their absurd cries of voter suppression.

And yet, in response to the AZ bill and others around the country demanding these reasonable voting rules, partisan CNN Anchor Don Lemon asked, “The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today that could weaken voting rights in Arizona. Major push nationwide to make it harder for people to vote. What does this mean particularly for black voters?”

A Quick History of DNC Vote Suppression

1868 Campaign Poster - two platformsBefore we get to the answer, we need to address this charge of “Weaken voting rights?” After the Civil War, racists in the Democrat party intimidated and attacked freemen to prevent them from voting. They attempted poll taxes and tests to still bar the brave ones from voting.

But for a freeman, it was a point of pride and honor to stand in the official seat of government on the day and vote in person. To watch the secret ballot placed in the ballot box, and in some cases, to remain and watch to make sure the box didn’t disappear. To make sure that the vote was accurately counted.

ANYTHING else would be voter suppression. 

Now the Democrats are pulling the same crime in reverse. From Reconstruction through Tammany Hall and Chicago politics, to classic Hollywood’s The Great McGinty to All the King’s Men, they have been subverting the election process by ballot stuffing, false accounting, and most recently, ballot harvesting, where “community activists” steal or buy mail-in ballots for their candidates.

CNN wants to complain about making “harder for people to vote”? It should be hard enough so criminals can’t flood our ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. It should be impossible for corrupt vote counters and machine politicians to steal elections. And yet…

How about never? Is Never good for you?

Democrats Stole the 2020 Election

The Democrats have tried to steal elections as far back as the Civil War. In fact, the Civil War itself became a referendum on the election..

Democrats Want to Institute Systemic Voter Fraud

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)’s response to Don Lemon included:

“Well, I think tragically we have not had this historic opposition to our rights since slavery, during the Jim Crow days and of course the harshness of the 1960s. The tragedy of this is an entire party, the Republican Party, is committed to voter suppression, committed to avoiding the opportunity of votes. Donald Trump laid out he only wants one day for votes. They don’t want opportunities for absentee ballot, extended voting, same-day registration, all things that empower young people and people of color, African-Americans...
This is a fight for democracy, a fight for justice, and an opportunity or a desire or a need to restore the voting rights to people of color and particularly black people... It’s tragic that Republicans want to take that stand because they can’t win fairly.”
Sheila Jackson Lee
race-hustler and Representative (D-TX)

“Avoiding the opportunity of votes”? “Can’t win fairly?”  That’s rich! 

The Republicans, the party that freed the slaves, held federal troops across the South for over 10 years to protect freedman, who fought for equal rights for all citizens for 100 years and overwhelming passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, is actually interested in preventing:

Ballot Harvesting

Election Fraud

Voter Fraud, Detroit 2020

And many other abuses perpetrated by Democrats.  And I dare any white person to suggest that “same-day registration and voting empowers young people of color,” as if meeting a standard registration deadline is beyond their ability.  She is simply redefining a violation of the rule of law as a kind of racial equity.  It’s disgusting.

Yes, Republicans want to win fairly. They don’t want people voting multiple times. They don’t want to start shipping in fake ballots from out of state and processing them after hours, or hacking into voting machines and changing algorithms, and blocking election officials from viewing counting, or any other shenanigans we witnessed in 2020.

But it gets worse…

HR-1, the "The Institutional Fraud" Act

The DNC-lead U.S. House of Representatives passed HR-1 (220 to 210), the “For the People Act,” on Wednesday, 3/3/2001,  which will expand “voter registration” (e.g., automatic and same-day registration) and “voting access” (e.g., vote-by-mail and early voting) and imposes limits on removing voters from voter rolls.

In other words, it opens the flood-gates of corruption throughout our republic. This bill violates states’ rights while institutionalizing a variety of voter fraud schemes the DNC will use to disenfranchise Republicans.

That is no exaggeration. Every legal citizen who cares about a legal voting process should be outraged.


America deserves better than these corruptocrats and their “vote suppression” gaslighting. The conservation should begin with:

“Do you believe in one-citizen, one vote?”

ANY other answer other than “Absolutely, yes!” should be considered treason. The only other question then is how do we get our elections to achieve this goal. After all, we’re not a third world country. We have companies capable of tallying purchases for your credit card from any place on the planet in seconds. We have the ability to deliver packages from anywhere too anywhere, either over-night or same day delivery. 

This is NOT beyond our means.  But this means we need to:

First, we must stop this nonsense about voter suppression when it’s obviously a license to commit voter fraud.

Don’t let the Democrat party pretend this reasonable voting rules are “an assault on our democracy” when their proposals are a direct assault on our Constitutional Republic.

What do you think?  What would be the best way to ensure fair elections in this, the last best hope of Earth?  Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor may depend on the answer.

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