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Progressive Gun Control Nonsense – Japan Comparison

Among the classic anti-gun activist tactics is to compare one country with a very low gun death rate against the USA.  It’s familiar, with comparisons to Australia must often but this one is with Japan.  Here it is:

First notice the “My Cousin Vinny” arrogant dismissal at the end, the “I’m done with this guy” swagger back from the jury box, the witness totally destroyed, as if ANY of these anti-gun other arguments were valid, or that this one in particular is unassailable.

Well, allow me to retort:

Japan is not USA.  Let’s leave our Constitution out of it for now. Their society has several significant differences that leftist ideologues should note:

  1. Japan has a homogeneous culture. Unlike the USA, it’s not a melting pot of cultures for across the globe.
  2. Japan has a very strict border and immigration policy.  That is, if you’re not Japanese, you’re not becoming Japanese (regardless of what that The Vapors’ song says).
  3. Japan’s education system is pro-Japan. It doesn’t believe in multiculturalism. Despite a deplorable past (Google Nanking massacre), Japan doesn’t denigrate its own culture, government, history or institutions.
  4. Despite its former caste system, Japan doesn’t actively entertain subsets of the population who claim historic discrimination and demand reparations or special treatment.
  5. Japan is NOT a gun culture. If one compared the number of deaths by beheading, sword and knife attacks, and suicide by train, you’d quickly find that guns, despite having them from Shogun times, never really caught on.
  6. Japan’s society values family and community over the individual. Mass shooters would be an unforgivable disgrace to a Japanese family, as individuals are taught to suppress their goals to the collective need. Their youth are given wide latitude because they all know that they will grow into a conformed worker and deny their creative impulses.
  7. Japan’s society values efficiency over feelings. Does anyone believe that in the culture where train conductors resign in disgrace if they arrive 30 seconds late to a station that they would accept the kind of civil unrest that would foster active shooters?

That is, Japan is completely unlike the USA, where leftists have tried their hardest to:

  • Deny the values and successes of US history, capitalism and faith traditions
  • Import many unfriendly and incompatible cultures (Mexican and other foreign nationals, Islam, communists)
  • Invade our education system and teach that the USA is a racist, divided, evil, imperialist country built on the backs of black slaves and shafted immigrants
  • Claim our 2nd Amendment rights don’t mean their actual words, but only mean militias, or sport hunting, or mags with 5 bullets only, etc.
  • Denigrate the family, and enact policies and shows that glorify single-parenthood, absentee fathers, and irresponsible behavior
  • Divide the population into minorities and then convince them that they are victims of white male patriarchy that needs to be punished and forced to pay
  • Value the opinions and idiosyncrasies of the most sensitive and emotionally unstable
  • Reject the individual drive that allowed the USA to make its 5000-year leap, toward identity politics
  • Reject personal responsibility for actions while continuing to blame faceless institutions
  • Actively support socialist revolution and government takeover of industries, and the suppression of free speech, assembly, and religion of those who disagree with their radical beliefs.

In other words, the reason we have more gun deaths in the USA as compared to Japan and Australia and other places is the fact that the USA has not employed the very strategies that would deny socialist authoritarians their destructive voice.

Japan the most xenophobic culture in the world, and leftists would flee its suppression of other worldviews and peoples. Japan barred Islam from entering the country. Period. End of story. They asked if Muslims were a value to Japanese society, concluded it wouldn’t be, and denied them in ways President Trump wouldn’t and couldn’t.

Note: They did the same for Syrian refugees.

Japan wouldn’t accept reverse discrimination and enclaves dedicated to overthrowing the society like Antifa, La Raza, Occupy, and others.

So, knowing all that, the effective retort is, instead of taking on the Japanese’s gun control policies, let us implement Japan’s cultural and political influences with the support for traditional faith, family, education, and valuing its history, economic plan and constitutional fidelity, and then let us compare the outcomes.

Let leftists convert and give up multiculturalism, political correctness, racial division, irresponsible social choices, their indoctrinating stranglehold on academia, their glorification of depravity, promiscuity, and those isms responsible for killing over 150 million people in the last century.

Until then…  any other shitty arguments on gun control from you leftists?