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Solve that Immigration Problem

A Modest Proposal to Solve that Immigration Problem

Here's a thought...

After all, we already host 1/4 of the Mexican population.

Oh, you heard it was only 11 million illegals? Sorry, that number is so 1990.

The number is a lot closer to 30 million. 

Initial responses to my annexation meme were pretty much what I expected, and they were illustrative of the flaws in the progressive scheme to solve the world’s problems by making everyone American.

But let’s face it, a powerful meme is hard to pull off.  Clearly, it needs to be punched up.

Initial responses included :

  • Bad idea: This is a really bad idea / “Remember the Alamo?” / Having the drug cartel within our border probably wouldn’t be too fun. / No, it’s a F-ing craphole
  • Thoughtful Consideration: So I was really curious and so I did the research and according to the CDC we have about 22% of the Mexican population in our country / If we annex Mexico, we inherit their economic nightmares. A quick google tells me they have an unemployment rate of 25%. You want that? / We could have solved this whole problem if NAFTA had wage requirements. / You mean the rest of Mexico.
  • Reinterpretation: Don’t you mean liberate?
  • Riffing: We could just draft half the population to go fight ISIS with no training. And make it into a movie with Gabriel Iglasias.
  • Blame America First: Aaah, foreign relations, republican style. / We helped to create it. (Iran/Contra)

All in all, a good cross-section of our cultural conversation. But at ResetCulture, we want to move the needle. We need to provoke more than the “Bad Idea” crowd, tickle more than the “Thoughtful Consideration” crowd, be clearer than the “Reinterpretation” crowd, inspire the “riffing” crowd (my favorite, BTW), and stick a finger in the eye of of the “Progressive/Blame America” idiots.

First,to the Blame America First crowd, no, annexation is NOT a Republican idea — despite Trump’s brilliant plan to annex Greenland for natural resources and improving trans-Atlantic flight paths.  That one had merit.

No, no, not a Republican problem. NAFTA, Iran/Contra, and other foreign policy consequences did not create Mexico’s problems.  That is just stupid. In fact, these progressives (and their Global Socialist counterparts) assumed the opposite: that I was advocating American imperialism. That’s ironic since they want global governance, which is the epitome of cultural imperialism.  That’s a post for another today.

Considering Comedy

If we’re supposed to be funny and engage, we can’t have the leftists completely missing the point, can we?  And we can’t have others misunderstanding our intentions.

So, this meme post is not a joke, but a joketoid.  It looks like a joke, but it needs work.  The intent is to express the flawed relationship with Mexico over illegals crossing the border, whether migrants, mules, cartel thugs, murderers, rapists (yes, they do exist, progs), terrorists, refugees or what have you.

No, annexing Mexico will not solve our problems either.  And perhaps the word “annex” is too S.A.T. for our discussion.

But you might say, wait: why didn’t it work. It’s reversing the expectation like a joke.  We expect the “build that wall”, or “Deport Obama” ending and we went to an off-the-wall idea instead.  And yes, deport Obama IS a great idea but the leftists will still call it racist.

So, we go back tot the truth behind the meme. The problem is that the federal government is unwilling to fulfill its mandate to secure our borders for the sake of our national security, identity and economy. Democrats abandoned the Cesar Chavez American Labor argument once they realized that they could rebuild their dwindling DNC voter base and weaken America. That’s an idiocy for another day.

Exacerbating the problem by annexing Mexico should be what the progressives want, but responses show that Americans are more willing to blame the GOP than obtain their objective.  Hmmm.

Actually Focusing on Immigration

Hosting 1/4 of the Mexican population is horrific!  How do we deal with that?  Well, we continually sing that “what do we do with an anchor baby like Juan?” song, but the better questions on this debate include:

  • Why can’t Mexico provide enough safety and prosperity for its own people?
  • Why so many governments so cool with their population abandoning the mother country?
  • Do all these people really want to become Americans or would they prefer to stay in their home culture(s) if they could provide a better lives for their family?
  • If you consider these invading foreign nationals worthy of citizenship by “virtue” of their determination to cross borders and violate our laws, should the United States grant them citizenship when they’re possibly the only ones capable of changing their own cultures?
  • Why is the United States a better magnet than a model?  That is, our Constitutional Republic built on Christian values and capitalism has created the greatest nation in the world.  So why is it attracting Socialists, Communists, fascists, Utopian boneheads and refugees?  Why not more copy cats who would try in their own country?

That’s the place in the cultural conversation we have to reach.