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Bill Burr on Caitlyn Bruce Jenner

Pronoun Trouble

God bless Bill Burr.  So funny.  And notice the humanity expressed with his ribbing of Jenner.

But seriously, “her”?  No.  Didn’t anyone in this culture pay attention in psychology class?  Bruce Jenner was the bomb.  This guy dominated the Olympics.  He was the white Jesse Owens.  He was a healthy, all-wholesome Wheaties-eating, flag draping American.

But guess what? After the applause died, like so many athletes he had trouble readjusting to life among the common folk.  I’d say normal accept that he’s not normal.  And neither is his family.  When you consider that despite his fame, what he became known for in the last decade was the ignorable-dad in a family of attention-whores known at all because Kim recorded herself having sex with some rapper or something.

It’s humiliating.  He’s out there saying, “I got gold medals!”  But people wanted to see Kim’s ass covered in gold paint.

Look, it rocked his world.  It caused an identity crisis.  I sympathize.  It’s a horrible problem to have and I’m sorry he didn’t make it as an actor, or as whatever else he tried to do.

But here’s the point: He’s NOT A WOMAN.  HE. is. Not.

The progs and the media want you to embrace this delusion as real.


Again, I sympathize, but if someone puts on a Superman cape and asks for the roof keys in your apartment building, you don’t play along.  The guy can’t fly.  Bruce is not a woman.  You are not being open-minded or helpful by accommodating the delusion as if it’s normal.

The reality is that upwards of 80% of transgender people – those who actually mutilated their genitals in an attempt to become someone else – regretted the decision.  I can’t speak for the other 20% but I do know that the suicide rate among these people is high NOT because we didn’t care enough, but because the solution they applied to their particular problem was WRONG.

I can’t believe I had to write that out loud.  And by the way, the funniest comment I read on this is:


So gloriously absurd, and just what a prog would say.

Well, I’m assuming he’s kidding.  I mean, it’s so…

Okay, to destroy the joke: we probably couldn’t identify 6 million teens this year with this delusion, let alone any number of them who could inspire the requisite passion in someone else to kill them, and among all of those, if they do exist, those who watched Bill Burr’s jokes and said, “Fuck yeah,  I’m gonna kill somebody for Bill!  Screw Caitlyn Jenner; he’s not dictating my pronouns!  I know biology.  I know grammar.  I understand the sexual tension and the emasculation of men in this culture and I’m going to take a stand.  If you’re wearing a dress and squishing your man-parts in tight panties, you’re going down!”

Yes, I’m also mocking bullies who might use abusive language or assault teens with these delusions.  That’s not cool.  America is a generally tolerant place.  We have an inalienable (God-given) right to pursue our greatest personal fulfillment when the country not being run by fascist progressives.  Don’t let them dictate your actions.

Certainly don’t allow them to dictate your identity.  If God made you a man, find a way to cope with the responsibility.  You’re not broken before a sex-change operation.  You are certainly broken afterward because you can’t actually convert. You only maim what you have.

To Bruce, I say, sir, God lift you up.  Find peace and wisdom, and for your own sanity and well being, don’t make any permanent decisions when you’re in a bad place mentally.  I would give that advice to anyone struggling with their identity.  Seek help.

But I won’t enter your delusion. Who would that help?