“What I said is that if you are ok with what was said in Charlottesville and what was done, then I’m not ok with it.”

Interesting addition of the “what was done” (meaning, the violence?), though as an editorial on the Daily Wire mentioned, the damage is done. Most Camping World customers are Trump supporters, so Marcus is going to feel a silent boycott in the coming months.

It’s the Media’s Fault

Now, I personally LOVE “The Profit.” On this show Marcus not only educates the public on entrepreneurship and running a small business, but he champions personal responsibility, respect of others, capitalism and the American spirit of enterprise. It is a refreshing antidote to the MTV Crib culture the millennials are used to.

That said, Marcus, and other CEOs are still victims to the same progressive media narrative foisted on the rest of us. Marcus, I would say, did not have enough information about Charlottesville to make an informed opinion.

NOTE: On Charlottesville, Trump condemned the violence and also said there were good people on all sides. The leftist media believes the statement gives white supremacy a pass.  However, the Alt-Right had a permit to march.  Antifa, BLM, and a host of unidentified others didn’t have permits or license to beat up Nazis. But violence erupted anyway.  So is it possible that “good” locals who didn’t want their town burned to the ground by either radical side got caught in the fray?  Yes. And therefore, Trump’s statement, though obtuse, and not in lockstep with the progressive narrative that gave Antifa thugs a pass, isn’t wrong.

Marcus wasn’t competent to speak on the matter, based on the sources he probably read.

Three Points to Consider:

  1. Marcus probably meant to say, “If you’re okay using racial discrimination and violence to divide my country, we don’t want to do business with you.”  I think most people would agree.
  2. Progressive Media: Everyone MUST hate TrumpCEOs should be ready for landmines in the public discourse, especially while the progressive media is constantly trying to divide EVERYONE against Trump.
  3. Your business, whether it’s Camping World or many others, doesn’t get to summarily dismiss huge swaths of the population.  While business have the right to refuse service to any customer – especially if they’re rude or offensive –  it doesn’t have the right to post, “No Jews Allowed” or “Blacks Not Welcome” or “We Hope Trump Supporters Freeze to Death.”

That last point is the hot stove CEOs need not touch. Don’t tell people not to shop at your business.  Tell racists to get their heads out of their clenched backsides and support their fellow man. Then they’re welcome back into your business.

CEOs, stick to what you know: risking capital to build profitable businesses to make America great. And if you can, stay away from progressive media.

Good luck, Marcus.