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No, It Is NOT Time for Trump to Resign

Since the November 2016 election of Trump, the mainstream media has been on a record-skip of two songs:

  1. Trump is illegitimate. That is, the wrong person was elected
  2. Trump needs to leave.  Impeachment or resignation, we don’t care so long as he goes

It’s a one-two punch, and outlets like CNN throw it day after day:

It’s not possible; Hillary was better. It’s wrong because the electoral college is antiquated and maybe even racist (And possibly a Trump invention!). Russian collusion. It’s incompetence. It’s insensitivity. Oh, look there, Trump fired another staffer; see he’s floundering and needs to resign.

Has he resigned yet?

Geez, can’t he see how over his head he is?  Why isn’t congress doing their one-job – ONE JOB – we elected them for one job: impeaching Trump.

Why can’t anything work in Washington? Why are blacks still shooting blacks in Democrat run Chicago? What is this growth on my forehead? It’s Trump’s fault. He shouldn’t have been elected and he needs to go.

Here’s the truth, America:

Trump Was NOT Elected to Make the Media Feel Better

Again, journalists say, “Trump is supposed to unite the country, heal its wounds, progress toward Obama’s vision, er, I mean, better union or something patriotic. Blah blah.”

NO. Trump is NOT supposed to unite the country. That’s certainly not why I voted for him, and the point is, it’s not time for Trump to resign because we’re still having this conversation.

Trump was elected as a WRECKING BALL, and his primary target – The Progressive/Socialist media narrative – is still not razed.Why Trump Can't Resign

So long as that media one-two punch is being thrown, Trump is my Wheeble. He is NOT going down.

Trump’s job as POTUS is to beat the narrative, to go around it, to abuse it and its acolytes, to humiliate it with facts and labels of “fake news,” to de-legitimize it in the minds of every citizen who cares about this country so that we know the difference between truth and the narrative.

Trump is not as good at his mission as we thought. That’s true. He’s made so bone-headed mistakes, and will continue to, I’m sure. His ego is fragile. His grasp of history, macro-economics and public policy is tenuous.  His narcissism is rivaled only by the last occupant of the White House, and he was given cover.  Tremendous cover.

That is what’s why Trump must keep doing his job.  Until the media realizes that this cult of POTUS personality must die.

Trump Is the Media’s Purgatory

The Bible says the “wages of sin is death.” Well, the wages of the media’s dishonest, partisan reporting is a POTUS they have to cover for the next four to eight years.

This is not just about Obama.  His terrible governance is catalogued all over the internet media and blogosphere, and still we haven’t heard the extent to which his White House was a frat house that tolerated not only screwing of interns and wasting public funds, but overtly attacking Christian and conservative groups with impunity because Obama and his people knew the progressive media not only won’t cover it, they would bully congress if they try to reign it in.

But the media’s purgatory is deserved more so by their sins during the election season.

The Republicans had SIXTEEN candidates for the White House.  That field represented the full diversity of our political debate: women, minorities, first generation immigrants; moderates to hardliners.

Any of them would have presented themselves with decorum and class before the world, but the progressive media wanted Trump.

They quickly fell into a “Trump is only GOP candidate who can win” campaign. Every word that fell from his lips dominated the news cycle from the next several days.  Most of the 15 others were ignored completely, except for how they handled Trump’s remarks.

Trump’s hard stance on immigration gave him some early headlines…  Except that his main challenger, Ted Cruz, had the exact same plan.  We didn’t hear that, but we all knew how Ted’s dad killed Kenney.

Once Ted Cruz admitted defeat, the narrative shifted, and Trump became the worst human humanity ever spawned.  The Billy Bush “groping” tape emerged, old business partners filed their suits and allegations, and journalists began their commentaries on how weak the GOP candidate is against Hillary Clinton.

The progressive media would also ignore Hillary violating federal law, debate tampering, and her husband’s rape victims. They didn’t care. They wanted to be the queen-maker, and to usher in a thousand years of Democratic rule.

The upshot you know: their fall guy won. And now they need to suffer him.

No one has yet repented.

That’s why Trump should not resign, under any circumstances.

All May Still Be Well

Let’s face it: Hillary was a terrible candidate and would have been a lousy president.  Trump may be too, but we didn’t have another choice, did we?  And now we know whose fault that is.

So is Trump colluding with Russia?  No.  Is he crazy, unhinged and/or potentially dangerous?  Maybe, but those dice are still rolling.  Does he empower “hate” and division? Not really.    That seems to be the media’s job.

Two things really need to happen:

  1. The media, and perhaps the public in general, needs to stop POTUS worshipping
  2. Many media elites need to go back to the crossroads and buy back their souls

We all need to understand that our culture rests on the wisdom of our citizens, not on the POTUS’s moral pulpit or his eloquence (of lack thereof). We, the people, need an honest media, a fourth estate which doesn’t choose sides.  The progressive propaganda machine, and it’s ugly narrative, must stop.

Until then, Trump is my Wheeble.