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Is Denmark the World’s Happiest Country?

USA! USA! USA! Doesn’t that sound happy?

Why aren’t we kicking Denmark’s homogeneous butt on the happy scale? Progressives will tell you the answers are obvious: we’re not thinking enough like socialists!


Well, allow me to retort:

God bless Denmark, because it’s a dying country. Look closely because those white kids are getting more rare.  But at only 5.6 million people living in an cool climate half the size of South Carolina, it won’t take long to devour them. Oh, not me, but…

Bloated Benefits

Denmark, like many other quasi-socialist states in Europe have had to import large numbers of mostly Islamic foreigners to beef up their tax base because the people aren’t having enough kids.  Perhaps it’s because they can’t afford kids. Personal taxes are reportedly over 55% and sales tax is 25%, and then there are other taxes that American rolls his eyes over.  All to say,  They pay more, and receive more benefits, whether they like it or not (ie. reduced personal freedom).

Low Overhead

How much does Denmark spend defending this glorious culture?  Please, like many small countries, Denmark benefits from the United States and other market-driven allies whose militaries protect them from Russia. Good gig if you can get it.


Among the side effects of this economic and cultural strategy is that Denmark is in the top two sexual assault capitals of Europe. Somali Muslims are raping these “happy” people at alarming rates. Germany is also facing buyers remorse for all their immigration/culture clash, but how else can they afford this Ponzi scheme entitlement society?

We might also ask what benefit to humanity has Denmark brought for all of their education, health and free time. Do they provide more nonprofits to poor countries, end diseases, advance technology or anything?

While we listen to the crickets, remember, progressives, the money you steal from productive people disincentivizes the whole culture. I hope Denmark is prepared for hard decisions ahead, because that free stuff may cost them everything.

The USA is NOT prepared for these radically statist entitlements.  Not now with the amount of corruption, both from the government side and consumer side of our entitlements, and not later, especially since Obama DOUBLED our national debt to over $20 TRILLION!

We will move up the happiness scale again when we get our priorities inline, and reduce our own bloated state.