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Social Justice

The other day I heard an interesting definition:

The difference between a SJW (social justice warrior) and an activist. An activist tries to get a ramp added to a building for easier wheelchair access. The SJW tries to get the stairs removed because they might offend people who can’t use them.

We’re really onto something here. It should go without saying that we should champion justice in our society.  However, any modifier weakens it. Social Justice is NOT justice. It’s noble-sounding fascism.  It doesn’t allow an individual to rise but punishes entire swaths of the population for rising. It’s the demonization of the other, pure and simple.

Many progressives, however, think they’re like Tom Joad from Grapes of Wrath:

The problem is, Tom doesn’t know why the guy is hungry or why the cop is beating a guy. He doesn’t know because Steinbeck didn’t factor into his dust bowl odyssey Hoover and FDR’s intervention in the economy that perpetuated the Great Depression, or the progressive policies that paid farmers to plow under their crops or other things that forced these people from their homes.

Social Justice must therefore be rejected whenever possible. Be an activist, build up the people around you. Don’t fall prey to envy and spend your activism tearing down others because they succeeded.