If you’re reading this, another mass shooting has happened. Let me say at the outset that any loss of life is a tragedy. Our support and prayers go out to all who are injured. We should do everything we can to bind up the wounds, as well as our nation’s wounds.

Our sympathies to the families. Let us know how we can help.

However, our attentions are so quickly pulled into political arguments instead of grieving the loss of precious life.  It’s because we feel helpless at times like these.

Take the time to grieve, America, but don’t forget to read on…

Make no mistake: this was no tragedy. Mass shootings are a crime, an abomination, a disgusting, repugnant offense to our humanity.  We as a society cannot glorify the act or the perpetrator in any way. I wish we didn’t have to know the name and details of the depraved life that took the lives of so many, but we need to keep a record, and learn.

Why We Process Horrific Events

Humans are meaning-making machines. We need to find the cause for the violence because our fears and anxieties cannot continue without some action. We refuse to live in chaos, and so we want to label, identify, and discard, to make policies to prevent, so we can rest in the knowledge that we’re doing what we can to protect our loved ones.

And for that reason, many stupid arguments get started.

We used to be a country and a culture that believed in certain basic principles, values, behaviors, and assumptions for life and civil discourse. Over the last 60 years or so, the culture has divided to the point where we don’t have alternate views, but alternate realities. It is the reason why I’m writing this today (because I’m tired of the stupid arguments every time we have a terrorist incident or mass shooting).

Assigning Blame

Strap in, this going to be a bumpy ride.

Do we have enough information to know what happened?

If not, wait until significant, verifiable information comes in. No sense in going off half-cocked (like your FB friends and late night talk show hosts). Those who knee-jerk “confiscate all guns!” are jerks. With sensitive knees.

What are/were the perpetrator’s beliefs?

Quick tip: if you don’t know, he is/was a leftist. If he’s some right-wing, [fill-in-the-blank] supporter, you’ll know. The media will beat that drum ad nauseum over anything that smells Republican or Conservative, so if you don’t know after a couple days, it’s safe to assume the perp was left-wing.

That said, if the media can’t blame the right, they’ll say the perpetrator’s motivations are unknown, or impossible to determine.

Don’t believe it.

  • Is the perp a Muslim? Most likely it’s terrorism, and no, probably not a “lone wolf.” Calling it a crime or terrorism doesn’t lower the body count but it helps us keep score.
  • Did he read Mein Kampf? If yes, he’s a leftist. Hitler was a socialist.
  • Did he admire Mao, or Che Guavara, or any South American strong men? Leftist Communists.
  • Did he believe in Antifa, BLM, universal healthcare, or abortion on demand?  Sorry, statist leftists.
  • Did he vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?  Um, leftist. Hello?

Can the victims tell us about the perpetrator?

Yes and No.  Who shoots up a black church? Racists, you might say, but racists run left and right.  White Supremacists can also support socialist revolution, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and other fascists.  The GOP has NEVER accepted these tools into their ranks.

Who shoots at a gay nightclub? Thought to be a right wing Christian Conservative at first, but no: Islam.

Who attacks a Trump rally, or shoots up a GOP Congressional softball practice? Only a mentally disturbed person, right? (move along, nothing more to see here).  Except these are/were ALL leftist Bernie supporters.

NOTE: no one is saying that all Democrat voters are mentally disturbed, potential mass shooters who shouldn’t have second amendment rights (though we might make the case).

So what’s to be done?

Rethink the Second Amendment?

The right to self preservation is enshrined in our Second Amendment. It means that the weak don’t have to fear the overpowering attacker.  Women can protect themselves against abusers and stalkers (because when seconds count, the police are minutes away).

In other words, the right to self preservation is a fundamental right. We won’t have a civil discussion about it. It’s not open to discussion. For you leftists out there, “It’s settled law.”

Citizens, don’t fall prey to the stupid arguments:

The non sequitur / False Argument

Every post from OccupyDemocrats is all kinds of world-class stupid and these are no different:

First, a large portion of the terrorist population is Muslim. Muslim conflict in countries spans EVERY culture in the world. We didn’t create that problem; it has to do with their ideology. The idea of banning immigrants with this mindset is smart. Japan and Australia did it and they’re not the worse for it.

NO ONE wants to lock up all blacks. That’s a straw man argument.

Huh? You want to blame race or a mental illness? No, that’s not Fox News. That’s your fantasy talking.

The History has changed argument

The founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment expecting the average citizen to be armed with the BEST AVAILABLE weapons. Yes, at the time, that included muskets.

Leftists still think they can read the minds of the founding fathers, inventing rights that didn’t exist (free healthcare, abortion, etc) and reinterpreting in ways they would not. But had they listened in school, or studied at all, they wouldn’t be leftists.

The Second Amendment doesn’t mean only muskets or only for a regulated militia. It’s personal self preservation against tyrannical government.  Or if another army marches onto our shores. Or for the zombie apocalypse (which goes without saying).

Counter argument: the founders didn’t think the press could reach the whole country either. Say journalists can have only moveable type presses and local circulation and see where that gets you.

And NO, you shouldn’t change the laws merely because some weapons are more effective. And no, that AR-15 can’t fire 600+ rounds a minute. Automatic weapons are ALREADY ILLEGAL. Magazines hold roughly 30 rounds.  In order to shoot 600 in a minute, the perp would have to be knee deep in fully loaded magazines, be trick shooter accurate with a gun that couldn’t jam (they tend to), and be able to reload faster than a video game.  Get serious.

The “Be Reasonable” Argument

What doesn’t make sense is how leftists think our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS are negotiable.

That said, we HAVE laws:

  • There is NO SUCH THING as a gun show loophole.
  • No, the mentally ill cannot buy guns.
  • There is a waiting period.
  • Full auto is illegal.

And NOTE: there is NO SUCH THING as an assault rifle. Whenever you hear someone babble about “banning assault rifles,” know they’re talking out of their backside. The AR in “AR-15” stands for ArmaLite rifle, the company that developed it. It does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.”

The Bait and Switch Argument

The GOP doesn’t have to insist on a right. It IS a right to protect oneself.  Again, the decision has been made. It’s settled law!  Move on!

The GOP does NOT believe medical treatment is a privilege. This comes from the DNC false dichotomy team.  A RIGHT is something that you retain that doesn’t impact others, like freedom of speech, assembly, and assembling that fictitious assault rifle.

Treating healthcare as a right means enslaving doctors and other staff to provide services without charge.  That’s illegal, and evil.

Healthcare is a RESPONSIBILITY.  Not a privilege, a responsibility. That’s the other choice, and the correct one.

Now, I’m fine with the perp’s insurance (life insurance, auto insurance, etc) paying for a victim’s hospital bills. I personally think that all worldly possessions of mass murders should be sold and redistributed to the victims and their families (the only form of redistribution that makes sense), and if leftists want to lobby for that, fine.

If other absurd requests arise, we will add them, but the above tends to solve the stupid argument.

So we can do NOTHING?

No, we just can’t assume that trying to confiscate guns from 310 million Americans is a viable solution.  It won’t happen. Period.

What should happen is that we take certain precautions:

  1. Don’t let the media run the narrative.  Citizens should correct the lies immediately and hold these propagandists to account.
  2. End no-gun zones.  Fish in barrels last longer if there are no barrels. Chicago is a no-gun zone and it’s more dangerous than Iraq.  Think about that.
  3. Deny “fame” to the infamous.  Don’t allow copious details of these heinous people to be public knowledge.
  4. Most important, inspire goodness rather than glorify violence and chaos.

This last one is the toughest, because unlike the NRA – which exists to protect our God given rights from leftists – Hollywood, and the gaming industry make their living off the corruption of public and private morals. How many hours per week do we see violence?

We have a better shot at banning guns on screen, but honestly, how far do you think that bill will get? We can’t even uphold a Hays Code these days.

Antifa advocates the physical assault and possibly killing of anyone who believes we shouldn’t burn the constitution and build a socialist state.  Since we can’t ban free assembly or speech (ahem, rights), how about mandating civics classes to every Che-wearing jerk caught causing a public disturbance?  Nip that in the bud.

Black Lives Matter advocates the killing of cops, which has reduced policing in various neighborhoods. If we make BLM (and Al Sharpton) co-conspirators in every case, would that improve relations with the local police?

Americans Have a Responsibility to be Good

Finally, perhaps we need to take the restrictions off churches and allow them to become stronger influencers in communities. That is, allow them to speak politically without losing their nonprofit status. Allow them to serve the poor and hungry with less red tape. Perhaps public institutions could work more closely, and on occasion prove funding, to improve civic responsibility, rehabilitation, and community relations.

Our culture has not been unified for many years. It’s time to agree that stopping the violence begins with the INDIVIDUAL, with RESPONSIBILITY.  Government cannot legislate evil away, and in case anyone noticed, we have enough laws.  Our country’s future requires a moral people, who value the right things.


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