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The Case for Trump

TLDR: Because we love our country and election fraud matters Because Trump was right about the Democrats and media, and to believe otherwise is willful blindness, and possible treason.

So how could 75+ MILLION of their countrymen and women vote for “Orange Man Bad” in 2020? Not only that, claim to willingly crawl over broken glass to vote for him. And continue to fight for him even when the media says he lost.

Give this to your leftist friends who want to understand why.

Reasons Millions Voted for Trump in 2016

To understand why anyone would vote for Trump in 2020, you must first understand why he was elected in 2016. No, it had nothing to do with resurgent racism, white supremacy, xenophobia, Russian interference, or any other DNC projection, fantasy, and delusion.   

Here are MY top three:

Hillary Clinton and the Rule of Law

Our choice in 2016

In case you didn’t know, destroying US government hard drives with Bleachbit is a FELONY. That federal law doesn’t include an element of intent, so no Comey, she should have been prosecuted.  That slam-dunk case would have automatically disqualified her from holding ANY public office – INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY President of the United States!

Comey said no reasonable lawyer would prosecute.

Nonsense. Americans hate different tiers of justice. We hated slavery enough to fight a war. We fought for civil rights against Democrat Jim Crowe laws, “separate but equal,” and so forth. Democrats don’t get to claim amnesia and walk away from every scandal, and the Clintons have been exempted for far too long.

The Clintons bankrolled their political machine by questionable means. They threatened Bill’s rape victims and destroyed lives. Their bloated foundation stole charity out of the mouths of Haitian orphans! Even the former President of Haiti called the Clintons no better than common criminals.

Then somehow the former Secretary of State sold US uranium deposits. To whom?  Oh, the Russians.

And yes, people around the Clintons have an alarmingly high suicide rate, especially when incriminating evidence pops up.

Then Killery (yes, we remember Benghazi too, and yes, it still makes a difference) obtained debate questions before the debates, and outright stole the nomination from hippy-Bolshevik Bernie Sanders (Funny how no one batted an eye. Her conspirator Donna Brazil even got a gig on Fox News!)

What we know now: She also expected Dominion machines to hand her the general election. That’s why she didn’t concede that first night, and later blamed “men” and everything else except her lousy campaigning for her loss. For whatever reason, the fraud didn’t kick-in for her.

The most venal corruptocrat (an all-around harpy) the DNC ever nominated did NOT belong in the White House.  

8 Years of Obama Gaslighting

If you’re confused about how offensive and incompetent Obama was, it’s because he let the media do most of the heavy lifting.  

No one should still believe in the “scandal-less presidency” of the “light-bringer.”  From his near-treasonous handling of the financial crisis and auto crisis to Fast and Furious, droning innocent civilians, abandoning Iraq, supporting an “Arab Spring” that burned down the Middle East, the Benghazi debacle, the insane Iran deal, weaponizing government agencies to attack conservatives, and ultimately spying on and sabotaging the incoming Trump administration – the list goes on and on.

His snotty speeches and horrid, statist policies — from Dodd-Frank to Obamacare — strangled the economy, infantilized citizens, and demoralized the country. Both the Tea Party Movement on the right and BLM and Antifa movements on the left are direct responses to Obama’s failures.

Among the worst is the fact that when any reasonably sentient creature raised an eyebrow against any of these atrocities, they were called a racist. It became so transparent and laughable that targets mocked backed with a “racer” label (variant on the “birther” ad hominem).

How much gaslighting must America take? No, we’re not a racist society. No, there is no settled science. No, we won’t agree to disagree. This thin-skinned narcissist asshole divider-in-chief was a terrible president – and the main reason Trump chose to run in the first place!

And that brings us to…

The Media

In 2016, we had 16 GOP primary contenders — all better than the DNC field — but the media only wanted to talk about Trump. Who cares about Rubio and Cruz debating “Dreamer” paths to citizenship?  Trump called them rapists!

Um, because yes, because many rapists and criminals WERE/ARE crossing the border. How do we know? From raped Mexican women! From MS-13 gang members! From farmers and lawmen near the border!

But the media claimed every soul was a pretty Spanglish-aspiring darling. After all, aren’t we all dreamers?

And talked up Trump. Trump dominated the news cycle so much, most Americas can’t name the other contenders. Through repetition, the media brainwashed America to think Trump was the only one who could beat Hillary.

Until Trump became the nominee…

Then the Access Hollywood tape dropped. Suddenly, Trump could never be POTUS. He’s a Cheeto-faced Nazi who grabs women by their lady parts! Hillary is the only sane, reasonable choice for America!

Forget the fact that the media (thanks George Stephanopoulos!) suppressed the story of sex-trafficker Jeffery Epstein because it might hurt Hillary’s chances. Who cares about the largest high-profile human trafficking scandal in history when it might hurt a Democrat running for office?

I was on team Ted Cruz ever since he filibustered Obamacare, risking his career to save us all from what we have now: a broken healthcare system.  He could have devoured Hillary, and the media knew it.

But given the choice, America happily pulled the lever for Trump. In my case, I did it to punish the media. If Trump did only two things: build a “big beautiful wall” and punish the media incessantly, I’d be happy.

Make no mistake: the media (plus big tech) are the reason for the division in America. They treated that insufferable jerk Obama like a special-needs birthday boy for 8 years because of the color of his skin. It was disgusting.

They wanted to be kingmakers and dictate their will over the lives of Americans.  They deserve many years of penance.

Reasons Why Over 75 Million Americans Voted for Trump in 2020

Oh, you heard the figure was only 74 million? The Dominion voting machines didn’t merely negate Trump votes; they TRANSFERRED a percentage to Biden. 

We may never know how big this landslide was, but it was epic.

Speaking of epic, Trump’s first term performance was nothing short of OUTSTANDING.

No one is more shocked than I. As previously expressed, my expectations were low. An obnoxious playboy billionaire POTUS seemed like a recipe for disaster…

But there were no scandals. No orgy reports, no sex or sexism scandals — no scandals!  We would have heard about it otherwise. And ALL official allegations were false — proven false by extensive, expensive, hostile commissions.

As if by miracle, we got a problem-solving president who served his own citizens — yes, American citizens!  What a concept!

Yes, at times I wanted a more measured Twitter feed, but as I indicated: if it punishes the media, it’s for a good cause.

Yes, I would prefer Morgan Freeman to deliver his speeches, but you know what? They were GREAT speeches! The State of the Union that Pelosi tore up belongs on the POTUS top 10 list.

Yes, trivialities remain about his vacations and golf games (cough, Obama!). I address common TDS objections here:

Trump Rally

How to Respond to Typical Trump Objections

Why don’t you like Donald Trump? He used to be popular. Sure he was brash, even arrogant, but well liked. The political left thought he was one of them for decades....

The “big beautiful wall” isn’t finished and the media certainly hasn’t gotten it’s overdue comeuppance, but Trump deserves a second term. It hardly seems possible, but he exceeded the impact of every POTUS in living memory. Not even Reagan got this much done in his first four years.

The top reasons America overwhelmingly voted for Trump are:

Peace in the Middle East

Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. He not only irradicated ISIS and tore up the Iran deal (as any sane person would), unlike EVERY other POTUS in living memory, he kept his promise and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. That began a process of normalizing relations with several countries hostile to Israel.

This feat cannot be overstated. For over 50 years we’ve been told by beltway elites that a two-state solution was the only chance for peace. So America propped up terrorist-state proxies and flushed BILLIONS of dollars into regional conflicts that kept arms dealers employed at the cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

No more. Trump announced that these policies don’t serve American interests. He pulled our troops out of useless conflicts, surgically rebuked Iran, and even defused conflict with North Korea.

And it worked. No new wars, and peace deals popped up all over 2020…

The Greatest Economy Ever

Trump not only saved lives and tax dollars by not starting another war, he abandoned Saudi interests and made us energy independent! America is now a net exporter!

Yes, Trump waved the magic wand Obama couldn’t even lift! Only a worldwide (and well-orchestrated) pandemic could stall this magnificent achievement.

He not only rejected Obamacare and all those globalist wealth-redistribution pet projects, he also renegotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and replaced NAFTA. He gave Americans a tax cut, cut bureaucratic red tape reformed the criminal justice system, and rewrote trade deals that put more money into American pockets.

And our economy soured!  Unemployment for all minorities dropped to its lowest level ever.  The stock market increased. Paychecks increased across the board. EVERYONE did better during the Trump economy.

This alone is enough to justify reelection in any sane society…

Jobs Not Mobs

BLM Burns ChicagoThe alternative to Trump is not a world without COVID. Or a world where children aren’t put in cages (that Obama built and populated with bad border policies). Or a world where DNC darlings and celebrity has-beens aren’t insulted.

The alternative to Trump was a globalist, Marxist cabal of radicals willing to let their insane minions burn down our major cities until they get their way.

We were also told that to stop these “racial justice riots” (caused by a criminal dying from a fentanyl overdose in police custody), that we needed to vote for a senile, hair-sniffing, digital-rape suspect corruptocrat who has been on the wrong side of every issue for the last 50 years.

Oh, and also an unlikable, woefully under-qualified black woman who slept her way into power (I don’t make judgements based on race, but Biden does: her skin color was the ONLY reason why he chose her as a running mate).

For now, let’s set aside Biden’s impeachable Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese corruption, Hunter Biden’s laptop of villainy and other scandals buried in the media consciousness. Does anyone believe these two clowns are better than Trump? Or that they are truly the ones in power?

Does anyone think that Biden/Harris — or Harris/Biden, or Harris/China/Soros and whomever else — is going to muzzle these radicals who want to take our guns, silence our speech, defund the police, destroy the family, punish white people, and replace capitalism with a fascist/socialist dictatorship?

Sorry, but no. Those who believe a Biden administration will be a “return to normal” have not only failed Obama history class but failed current events. You haven’t thought through the political mess the left created. Even now, BLM is complaining Biden slighted them and is demanding more power in his administration. That should terrify everyone.

75+ Million Americans saw that coming, bright and early, and voted Trump.

Again, The Media

After four years of “fake news” and being consistently wrong, did they learn? Nope, they’re still kingmaking. They still think they determine the news, and reality must follow:

Yes, Jim, it was an invasion. You're not reporting; you're grandstanding.

The media continually harangued him like grand inquisitors: “No, you’re wrong. Our narrative defines reality! Why won’t you submit to us? Is it your white supremacy? Why do you insist on seeing the world as it is and not as we say it is?”

We were subjected to 4 years of white supremacist gaslighting and Russian collusion fraud, interspersed with the baseless and hypocritical “Trump puts children in cages” (Um, Obama’s cages), “Trump’s ruining our standing in the world” (um, Obama?) and “Kavanaugh is a serial gang rapist.” (False!)

Granted, for a profession full of solipsistic liars determined never to admit wrong, they put up a great fight. They employ Rules for Radicals better than most. Unfortunately, too many of us have the internet. We found alternative media. We discussed facts with primary sources, got real answers, waved it at their smug, reality-denying faces, and got no apology. Repeatedly.

Now you know why Americans hate the press more than Congress.

No other entity would suppress both the Epstein and Hunter Biden mega-stories, and then report with a straight face that the former committed suicide and the latter is innocent based on debunked rumors.


And to make it worse, big tech (Twitter, Facebook, Google) conspired with the media to throw the 2020 election toward Biden.  That should terrify and enrage every freedom-loving American.

Again, the choice was obvious. Trump. MAGA MAGA MAGA, all day every day and twice on Sunday!

Why America Must Keep Fighting

For once I believe Biden when he said that the Democrats have “put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

Biden’s call for unity is another, “Ignore that man behind the curtain” moment, while he lets Big Tech and the mainstream media silence dissent. We’ll have none of it.

Even if we can’t #StopTheSteal, even if we stand down and endure a fraudulent regime for four years, WE KNOW Trump won. 

No, we’re not going back to gaslighting as usual. No, the leftists don’t have a mandate for change. No, Conservatives are not Nazis or terrorists. No, our Constitution does NOT advocate white supremacy.

No, the 1619 Project is false, and racist. No, democratic socialism, the Green New Deal, and the Great Reset are all garbage.

We Thoroughly Reject It All

They're Not After Me; They're After YOUBecause we’re not fighting for Trump. As the MAGA meme says, “They’re really after you. I’m just in the way.”

This is hard for TDS sufferers to fathom, but the 75+ Million didn’t just vote for Donald J Trump, the billionaire carnival-barking playboy. We voted for the man who kept his promises and fought for America.

He isn’t our dream. He CARRIED the dream.

Trump is our outsider, the un-politician. Unlike Biden, Pelosi, and other DC swamp leaches, Trump didn’t spend decades pretending to be about the people’s business while enriching themselves through graft. Unlike so many GOP and tea party hopefuls, Trump refused to assimilate into the swamp. After savoring all the vices he could hold for so many years, DC had nothing more to tempt Trump.

The reason MAGA-heads ignore Trump’s faults is simple: his faults make him the best man for the dirty job!  In four short years, Trump:  

Trump Won the ElectionBest of all, like some profane orange Terminator, Trump proved that the future is not fixed. We don’t have to accept America’s decline. We don’t have to accept the inevitable march of progressivism into a thousand years of darkness. We don’t have to accept 1984 or a Brave New World.

And we don’t have to accept impotent congressmen claiming they did their best, with one hand in the cookie jar and the other in our wallets.

That’s over. Trump forced our bloated, ineffective Executive branch to do better for the American people. It can be done.

And it will. We the People will replace impotent, empty-promise Republicans and RINOs.  We will reform our election process so that it’s secure, accurate and fraud free. We will reject social media platforms that kowtow to China, the globalists, and the Left.  We will disavow the mainstream media as the left-wing propaganda machines of insufferable statists.  We will disrupt Frankfort School socialists indoctrinating our youth. We will defund entertainment that weakens and demoralizes our society. And we will replace the government that refuses to serve its citizens.

In other words, we will reset the culture.

And if it requires the season in the wilderness, and the rise of a “Patriot” party, or “Great America” party, so be it.

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No one understands “Make America Great Again” pitch than the architect of the Conservative Revolution of 1994’s “Contract with America,” the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Check out Understanding Trump and Trump’s America.  Newt spent two years helping Trump and his team throughout the campaign, the election, and during the first months of the presidency. He has unique insight into how Trump’s past experiences have shaped his life and style of governing.

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